Veer Naris

As we praise the valour and sacrifice of our martyred soldiers, we somehow become blind to profound loss that martyrdom has caused in the lives of the wives of these soldiers- The Veer Naris.

  • The soldiers are the pillars of democracy who sacrifice their lives willingly for this country. We owe it to them to empower our Veer Naris and give them the dues they truly deserve and help them in facing life’s challenges.
  • Veer Nari Committee Role.
    • Compile monthly report of Veer Naris & their grievances from concerned units responsible for Veer Naris ( In coordination with SO, AWWA).
    • Coordinate with ECHS & Veteran cell for documentation & medicines (In coordination with SO, AWWA).
    • Coordinate with Resettlement office for latest schemes (In coordination with SO, AWWA).
    • Plan & procure gifts for distribution with prior approval of Regional President AWWA.
    • Monitor visits of Veer Naris for central functions under unit arrangements.
  • A number of activities have been taken by AWWA Northern Command for Veer Naris as a way to tell that we remain indebted to them. Some of the activities taken up for the upliftment of Veer Naris are mentioned in the succeeding paras.
  • Lectures/ Camps.
    • A total of six lectures have been conducted on the ‘Entitlements of Veer Naris’ in the Command Area at Nagrota, Palampur and Udhampur in last few months. This is specifically beneficial for those Veer Naris who are not much aware of their rights and dues.
    • In addition, various medical camps are conducted from time to time in different areas in the Command to provide better health care facilities to the Veer Naris.
    • 01 x Physiotherapist
    • Teachers for Music and Computers
  • Outreach Program.
    • A number of outreach programs are carried out throughout the Northern Command from time to time. Financial assistance was recently provided to nine Veer Naris for repair and improvement of their houses at Nagrota.
    • No matter how much we care for our Veer Naris we can never repay the debt we as a nation owe them. These small initiatives of AWWA Northern command is just a small homage to our martyrs in our own way.
  • Medical Examination Camp.
    • A Medical Examination Camp was conducted in the Command Hosp from 24 Aug 2020 for ‘Veer Naris’. Approx 50 Veer Naris attended the camp. All routine investigations of Blood, Urine, X-Ray, Ultrasound was carried out. In addition, Specialist treatments by Medical Specialist, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentistry and ENT were also been provided. Veer Naris requiring any other specialist treatment like Orthopaedics, Dermatology etc. were referred to concerned specialist OPDs. The camp continued till 01 Sep 20. A health booklet in which all the check up details were recorded was maintained and the same was been handed over to each Veer Nari.
  • Employment.
    • A number of initiatives have been taken up by AWWA Northern Command to train them with vocational skills so that they become self independent and financially stable. They are trained in regional ASTCs and VTCs in the command area. Recently two Veer Naris have successfully completed tailoring course conducted at ASTC Udhampur.
    • In addition, preference is given to Veer Naris in employability in various army amenity shops. A total of five Veer Naris are employed in amenity shops in Chinar Complex, Udhampur and Palampur. Two Veer Naris are working in HP Government Pre Primary Schools.