Important AWWA Activities


Education Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Sudha Mohan
Education Committee Role
  • Monitor teacher training programs
  • Coordinate orientation programs for parents
  • Monitoring of Resource Rooms, Recreation, Library, sports & co-curricular activities
  • Exchange of ideas amongst schools
  • Organise visit of dignitaries
  • Coordinate tuition facility under AWWA
  • Coordinate with SO School & Director AWES and suggest technological upgrades
  • Coordinate counseling session for students, teachers and parents in all schools
Asha School Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Geetika Khanna

As Chairperson AWWA Asha School, Udhampur, It is a proud privilege to interact and work with our differently-abled children and their families.

It’s a team effort wherein special educators, therapists, doctors, parents and the members of school management are working together. Our sincere endeavour is to make our children functionally independent and take them towards self reliance.

Asha School Committee Role
  • Maintain regular interaction with Principal & teachers
  • Organise orientation programs for teachers & parents
  • Plan activities of interest for children
  • Monitor upkeep and maintenance of Asha School
  • Promote social sensitivity in the environment towards differently-abled children
  • Plan visits of dignitaries
Drona Boys Hostel Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Alpana Sehrawat
Drona Boys Hostel Committee Role
  • Monitor upkeep & maintenance of Drona Boys Hostel
  • Plan visit of dignitaries
  • Organise counselling of Drona Boys Hostel students
  • Plan & organise Tuition Classes in consultation with APS
  • Update parents regarding well-being & academic performance of students
  • Encourage & prepare students for competitive exams
  • Organise extra co-curricular activities
Veer Nari Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Karminder Dhillon

Our endeavous is to empower and assist Veer Naris to be socially confident and financially independent.

Veer Nari Committee Role
  • Compile monthly report of Veer Naris & their grievances from concerned units responsible for Veer Naris ( In coordination with SO, AWWA)
  • Coordinate with ECHS & Veteran cell for documentation & medicines (In coordination with SO, AWWA)
  • Coordinate with Resettlement office for latest schemes (In coordination with SO, AWWA)
  • Plan & procure gifts for distribution with prior approval of Regional President AWWA
  • Monitor visits of Veer Naris for central functions under unit arrangements
VTC Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Subeena Arora

VTC Committee, Nothern Command aims towards honing and fine tuning the learning and life-skill system of our Veer Naris, spouses of serving defence personnel, ex servicemen and their dependants. The aim is to empower them through financial independence & confidence building. VTC has designed a curriculum of courses that fast tracks the activities from aspirations to actions. We at VTC wish all the ladies of this organisation an empowered and self satisfying life truely reflected by our VTC motto

"main bhi chhu lungi aasman, bhari hai maine saksharta avm sashaktikaran ki udaan"

"मैं भी छू लूँगी आसमान, भरी है मैंने साक्षरता और सशक्तिकरण की उड़ान ||"

VTC Committee Role
  • Coordinate VTC & ASTC Courses
  • To generate employment projects to promote financial empowerment of families
  • Coordinate preparation of catalogs & presentation
  • Promotion of hand made products in NC
  • Coordination with other VTCs in NC
  • Encourage Veer Naris & FAFA families to pursue ASTC Courses to empower them
  • Establish a creche facility for co-curricular activities of children
  • Empowering and ensuring financial independence of Veer Naris and dependents of serving soldiers
  • Nourish talent of children of serving soldiers
Health Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Usha Jindal
Health Committee Role
  • Conduct health awareness programs and organise regular health check-up of station families
  • Ensure maintenance of health record cards of families
  • Monitor maintenance & upkeep of paediatric ward
  • Monitoring of vaccination awareness programs in the station
  • Facilitate health check-up camps in schools
Amenities Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Alpana Sehrawat
Amenities Committee Role
  • Monitor AWWA shops in terms of sale & stocking
  • Monitor door to door delivery services like mobile veg, mobile bakery & mobile library
  • Monitor RWAs/units wrt facilities like gym, library, computer room & sports area
  • Monitor recycled paper products project & wax candle making project
  • Exchange of ideas with other stations in Northern Command
Ecosystem Management Committee Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Babita Singh
Ecosystem Management Committee Committee Role
  • Awareness campaign in station towards clean and green environment
  • Monitor effective water & power supply
  • Monitor functioning of Kill Waste Management plants & other eco projects in station
  • Monitor maintenance of central parks.
  • Organise awareness campaigns in station towards clean & green environment
  • Monitor plantation in station including herbal garden
  • Awareness on conduct of MES mela through station HQ
Counselling Cell Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Subeena Arora
Counselling Cell Committee Role
  • Coordinate with Command Hospital for psychiatric guidance to couple if required
  • Creation of AWWA helpline/counselling centre for report of incidents/ requirement of counselling not resolved at unit level
  • Conduct central lectures to cultivate positive mental health in families
Print & Electronic Media Committee
Committee Chairperson
Mrs Poonam Yadav
Print & Electronic Media Committee Role
  • Coordinate photography of central AWWA functions
  • Maintain repository of still photographs & videos
  • Monitor write ups for AWWA magazines, that are prepared by the conducting unit
  • Monitor sound & light preparations for central events under NCSR
  • Cover visits of Regional President AWWA NC


  • Lectures on Medical Issues
    • Health Management
    • Precautions to be taken during climate change
    • Hygiene & Sanitation
    • Health care during start of winter season
    • Neck and Back Pain
    • Novel Corona Virus Disease
    • World Mental Health Day
    • Lecture on My Earth, My Responsibilities
    • Stress Management
    • World AIDS Day
  • Lectures on Other Subjects
    • Security Awareness
    • Home Safety
    • Pollution and Waste Management
    • Marital Harmony
    • Lecture by Cl Spl (Psy) on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Specific Learning Disorder(SLD)
    • Personality Development Program for Families