It is a privilege and honour to take charge of AWWA, Eastern Command from my able predecessor Mrs Veena Naravane. I am impressed by the good work that AWWA functionaries are doing in Eastern Command in diverse areas like Skill Training, Inclusive Education, Health Awareness, Patient Welfare, Environment and Marital Counselling besides looking after the needs of FAFA families and Veer Naris. I compliment all ladies for their active involvement and hard work.

At Eastern Command, we look at the role of AWWA as being inspirational and enabling and not merely a supportive one. Towards this aim, we would work tirelessly at harnessing the vast talents of Army Wives and creating as many opportunities as possible for them to engage in meaningful and fulfilling activities. Some of the areas in which many of our wives are contributing significantly are Community Outreach Programmes, Patient Welfare, Wksp for Pre-Primary teachers, Waste Management and Counselling. We have set up Resource Rooms at various schools in Eastern Comd. At our ASTC, we are introducing Baking Technicians course under PMKVY from the forthcoming session.

The FWO is an excellent forum for Army Families to connect and bond with each other. Therefore FWO meets need to be more meaningful and encouraging. We are very proud of our FWOs for the good work that they are doing in their own areas of responsibility and adding to the happiness quotient in their station.

In the coming days, we rededicate ourselves to the goals of the AWWA and promote welfare at all levels.

Jai Hind


  1. I take this opportunity to convey my heartiest greetings and best wishes to entire AWWA community of Eastern Command and their families. I congratulate each one of you for your help in shaping AWWA as an NGO, committed and dedicated for comprehensive welfare and empowerment of women in our Army.
  2. With your sincere efforts, the AWWA Eastern Command has moved forward steadily and purposefully. I have seen distinct improvements in welfare schemes for families, management of educational institutions including Asha Schools and genuine concern for the Veer Naris. I am also aware of your contributions in resolution of marital discord cases. I am convinced that AWWA Eastern Command is progressing on the right path towards its goal.
  3. In the ensuing days, I would like you to concentrate more on empowerment of our women by raising their levels of formal education. Another important issue which merit attention in the present socio-economic scenario is that of “Nari Suraksha”. We have already started addressing these issues, and they must be taken to the benchmark we’ve set for ourselves.
  4. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous future in your endeavours. May the blessings of Almighty be with you always.



The aim of the AWWA, Eastern Command is to support and enhance the official welfare efforts within the army, focusing especially on the welfare of families, children and widows of all ranks and retired personnel of the army and also to take active part in the activation of central and state governments in their efforts towards national re-construction aimed at improving the living conditions of rural poor amongst the above category of persons and protecting the human rights violation of the army personnel and their families.

Objective : Regional AWWA

  • Reaching out to the widows and help them establish themselves.
  • Rehabilitation of battle casualties.
  • Running of special school for handicapped children of army personal.
  • Provide vocational training to families.
  • Award scholarship to meritorious & needy children.
  • Mother & child care.
  • Welfare of patients in hospital.
  • Family health & hygiene.
  • Family support & counseling programmes.
  • Relief and rehabilitation of widows and children.

Registration of Eastern Command AWWA

Eastern Command AWWA was registered with register of societies of West Bengal on 09 Mar 1976, on submission of :-

(a) Memorandum of Association, Which defined the objectives & organisation of Eastern Command AWWA.

(b) Regulations Association of Eastern Command AWWA Which has rules for the Executive Committee.

The objectives of this Registered Association as per the Memorandum are :-

  • Army families’ welfare.
  • Other ranks’ Welfare.
  • Military hospital patients’ welfare.
  • Officers’ and their families’ welfare.
  • Ex-Servicemens’ welfare.
  • To do all things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.

List of Welfare Activities

  • Pre-Primary Schools/Primary Schools.
  • Army Skill training Centres.
  • Vocational Training Institute.
  • Boys & Girls Hostel for Schools/Colleges.
  • Shoping Centres / Complexes.
  • Asha Schools.
  • Sainik Niwas at Major Army Hospitals.
  • Sports & Adventure /Gym Complex /Helth Club.
  • STD / ISD / PCO Booth / Community Centre.
  • JCO’s / OR / Institute / Club.
  • Family Welfare centres.
  • Children Park.
  • Cinema Hall.
  • Computer Centre.
  • Cable TV Room & Video Library.
  • LPG Agencies.

Key Result Areas

The thrust of AWWA, Eastern Command is in the following key result areas:-

  • Regular interaction between families of officers, JCOs and OR to inculcate a feeling of belonging and oneness.
  • Awareness of rights and privileges of ladies and children.
  • Vocational training for the families to make them self reliant.
  • Care of differently-abled children.
  • Supervision and watch on healthcare of wives and children of serving soldiers/ ex-servicemen.
  • Efforts to achieve quality education at pre-primary, primary and secondary school level.
  • Improvement in quality of everyday life of families by increasing awareness of healthy and purposeful activities and securing all possible amenities.
  • Care of Veer Naris and their children by constant interaction and feedback.

Enlarged Objectives And Aspirations

  • Furtherance of conventional education, vocational education and introduction of computer education for families.
  • Enhance scope of Asha Schools to develop differently-abled children to make them self reliant by imparting vocational training.
  • Resolve marital discord cases amicably and obtain justice without delay to ensure marital harmony and sustainability of broken families.
  • Develop self-confidence amongst Army wives and children befitting the socio-economic scenario and improve their living conditions.
  • Increase awareness about safety and security of women including the girl child in the present social environment.

Our Diary

AWWA Eastern Command has always put its best foot forward. In the process, it has grown leaps and bounds with the passage of time. As always, our efforts have been directed towards making AWWA Eastern Command all inclusive and contribute purposefully towards our families.

We have taken two major initiatives to improve the well being quotient of our families. The first is to provide for better health protection and safety of our families.. Our families have taken maximum advantage from the medical camps, well women clinic etc being organised by medical agencies from time to time at various location. Our welfare committees are also regularly meeting the patients in hospitals. The smile they bring to lips of the suffering patients after a motivational interactive session or a game of tombola is just priceless.

Addition of new courses in ASTC such as NTT , personality development, yoga for families, and spoken English classes, tuitions for critical subject such as physics, maths etc in the Hobby Centre have immensely contributed towards this initiative. A major step has been initiated to get affiliated to PMVKY.

The Asha Schools continue to remain an important component of our all inclusive programme. Apart from serious attention being paid to academics, initiatives have been taken in this period for a number of educative workshops and interactions with other institutes. We are in the process of motivating the parents to think beyond 18 years. We will positively provide adequate opportunity to them

AWWA Eastern Command, the ‘Sunrise’ family, remains determined to reach its desired goals through untiring efforts, coordinated teamwork and relentless pursuit.

AWWA Helpline in Kolkata

AWWA HELPLINE Kolkata was inaugurated by Mrs Mala Jamwal, President AWWA, Eastern Command,at Strand Road gate (St.George’s gate), Fort William, on 12 May 2007. HQ Eastern Command provide assistance to wives of serving personnel and Veer Naris. While basic assistance and guidance are provided in all types of cases, marital discord cases are specially dealt by counsellors at AWWA help line. It functions twice a week i.e Mondays and Thursdays between 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs.

  • AWWA Helpline – 6511 (Mil)
  • AWWA Helpline – 9674907231 (Civil)
  • Welfare Officer – 2509 (Mil)

Stand up and be counted! This life has a lot to offer to everyone if only you are willing and obedient to yourself, so come forward and take initiatives. ASTC added few more chapters to its glorious past of enlightment & empowerment during last six months. The important activities organized at Army Skill Training Centre during Aug 2019 are enumerated in succeeding paragraphs.

5. PMKVY Courses. The following PMKVY courses are conducted at ASTC:-

(a) Assistant Beauty Therapist.

(b) Self Employed Tailor.

(c) Domestic Data Entry Operator.

6. Vocational Courses. The following Vocational Courses are conducted at ASTC:-

(a) Nursery Teacher Training.

(b) Hair Cutting & Styling Course.

7. Academic Activities Industrial Visit.

(a) Industrial visits for the students of Assistant Beauty Therapist course was organised on 23 Apr and 10 Jun 2019 to Face ‘O’ Face Family Salon and Spa, Barasat.

(b) The students of Self Employed Tailoring course were taken on a visit to Spectra Fashion Pvt Ltd, Regent Park, Barasat on 29 May and 25 Jun 2019.

8. New Courses. A crash course on Hair Cutting and Styling was conducted from 15 May 2019 to 15 Jun 2019. A total of 13 students attended the course.

Monthly Workshop

9. Workshop on Craft and Arts. A workshop on Craft and Arts was conducted at ASTC from 24 to 26 Apr 2019. A total of 29 ladies attended the workshop. The schedule of the three day workshop was as given below:-

(a) Day 1 - Paper Bag Making by Naik K Maiti, ECSR.

(b) Day 2 - Photo Frame and Folder Making by Naik K Maiti, ECSR.

(c) Day 3 - Quilling Art by Mrs Ratna Basu, w/o CHM Tamoghna Basu, 59 WEU.

10. New Biometric Machine for PMKVY Courses. A new Biometric attendance machine has been placed for recording attendance of students with effect from 23 July 2019.

10. Visit of President, AWWA. Mrs Madhulika Rawat, President, AWWA visited ASTC on 24 Aug 2019 & inaugurated newly constructed Baking Technician Lab & Classroom.

11. Visit of Regional President, AWWA, Eastern Command. Mrs. Anupama Chauhan, Regional President AWWA visited ASTC on 02 Sep 2019.


12. Rath Yatra. Rath Yatra was celebrated in the school premises on 04 Jul 2019. 39 children and all teachers and support staff attended the same. Also 42 Children alongwith all teachers & support staff went to Maidan to witness the Rath Yatra by ISKCON on 08 Jul 2019. Children enjoyed the Rath Yatra and at the end, prasad was distributed to them and regaled with stories of Lord Krishna.

13. Art Workshop Five Children with ASD had attended an Art Workshop arranged by India Autism Centre on 28 Jul 2019. The children were accompanied by their parents and
two teachers of the school.


14 Resource Room.

  • In keeping with inclusive education, Resource Rooms have been estabilished in APPS Ballygunge and Primary wing of APS Kolkata.
  • An adhoc Resource Room is functional at APPS Fort William. A proper Resource Room will be established once the school moves to the new location.
  • Work on Resource Rooms in large number of APPS in Comd theatre is under progress.
  • Shifting of APPS Fort William. The School is shifting to a new location and likely to be functional by the year end.
  • The following workshop were conducted for the benefit of teachers of all the APPSs in and around Kolkata:-
    • Effective Classroom display.
    • Communication and collabaration.

15. Visit of President AWWA. Mrs Madhulika Rawat, President, AWWA visited APPS on 24 Aug 2019.

16. Visit of Regional President, AWWA, Eastern command. Mrs. Anupama Chauhan, Regional President AWWA visited APPS Fort William and APPS Ballygunge on 03 Sep 2019.


17. AWWA help line has been established in HQ Eastern Command to provide assistance to wives of serving personnel and Veer Naris. While basic assistance and guidance are provided in all types of cases, marital discord cases are specially dealt by counsellors at AWWA help line. It functions five days a week i.e. Mondays to Friday between 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs. A panel of three counsellors has been formed for counselling.



18. “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Keeping above in mind AWWA Eastern Command envisioned to give some valuable constructive leisure time to children of serving defence personnel and civilian defence employees posted in Kolkata Military Station. A ten days workshop (Summer Camp) was held wef 26 May 2019 to 04 Jun 2019. A plethora of activities were planned which encompassed both outdoor and indoor learning. In on one hand it was Riding, Golf Swimming and Lawn Bowling then on the other hand, children learnt Dance, Drama, Theatre, Magazine writing and culinary skills. All the events of summer camp 2019 was attended by 132 children.

Aim and Conceptualisation

19. Summer activities were planned with following aims :-

(a) To give an exposure to on children to new activities and skills which they can develop as hobbies in the future and also instill a sense achievement by way of learning.

(b) Inculcate and develop a flair for extra-curricular activities among the participants to boost their self confidence

20. Conceptualisation. One of the main aim of organizing summer activities is to ensure meaningful utilization of spare time during vacations. While planning the activities, due care was taken to include activities that don’t involve pen and paper to the maximum extent possible. The intention was to make the children learn in a relaxed and informal environment thereby giving them a memorable time. The list of activities contained a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. The activities were scheduled immediately after the schools closed for summer vacations so that children can proceed on vacations to other destinations subsequently.

Activities Planned.

21. In all 11 activities as under were planned with a healthy mix of both outdoor and indoor events/ classes. Endeavour was to make best use of available resources with minimum expenditure on hiring of instructors.

(a) Out Door Activities.

(i) Riding Camp.

(ii) Lawn Bowling .

(iii) Golf Coaching classes.

(iv) Swimming classes.

(v) Mediation Workshop cum yoga.

(b) Indoor/Class Room Activities.

(i) Cooking crash course.

(ii) Theatre boot camp/workshop.

(iii) Children magazine.

(iv) Pet care camp.

(v) Basket weaving classes.

(vi) Bollywood and Zumba dancing classes.

22. Closing Ceremony. Closing ceremony was held on 04 Jun 2019 at Albert Ekka Auditorium. Mrs. Nisha Kalita, Regional Vice President, AWWA Eastern Command graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Parents of all children who attended the summer camp were individually invited for the function. Children showcased whatever they had learnt over last ten days and put up a splendid performance. Best part of the closing ceremony was overwhelming response of the children. They undertook the entire responsibility starting from selection of programmes to extending invitation to the Chief Guest and conduct of events on the final day. Show stoppers were Miss Kusha and Miss Arushi who stole the show with their excellent performance as MC. Mrs Nisha Kalita gave away certificates and prizes to identified best learners of each activity. All other participants were presented a summer camp cap and certificate of participation.

23. Conclusion Summer Camp 2019 was a series of events that afforded children an unique opportunity to learn new skills that could be developed as hobbies and followed up in future. The event witnessed keen participation by kids of all age groups, developing new friendships among children and gave them memories of lifetime.


24. AWWA week was celebrated in HQ Eastern Command from 19 to 23 Aug 2019.Various events were conducted during the week for all the age groups in station. Participation in the all events was overwhelming.

25. The following events were conducted :-

(a) Lecture on cyber security for families and senior students of APS.

(b) Zumba morning for ladies.

(c) Magic show for small children (APPS).

(d) Spelling Bee competition for students of APS and KVs.

(e) Veer Nari felicitation.

(f) AWWA day celebration.