AWWA | Army Wives Welfare Association

Mrs Veena Naravane
Mrs Archana Pande
President AWWA

We care and We share and Together
We grow into a Strong Community

You are an army wife and yes, you are gifted! You have ideas, talents, expertise or a business of your own. Why not share it on our very own AWWA website so that we can encourage and support each other and revel in our collective success?

Inviting teacher trainers, leadership and soft skill trainers, special educators, counsellors, yoga and fitness trainers and entrepreneurs. We would be proud to feature you here so that you become visible to our community. Artists and photography enthusiasts we have a corner for you. If you are a writer or a poet and would like a wider readership amongst your friends our talent blog is for you. Look up our volunteer and internship opportunities. If you are passionate about something and would like to record your own talk or demo our video gallery is open to you. Performing artists are also welcome to contribute their videos. If none of the above interests you, no problem. Indulge in some Retail Therapy! This, and much more. Check it out!