The focus during this period has been on educating the families on preventive measures against Corona Virus and maintenance of health care. Various actions have been initiated to mitigate the problems.

Extensive use of Social Media is being ensured to reach out to maximum families.The various activities carried out and actions being taken to assist the families are as under:-

  • Pre Lock Down Activities. Various preventive measures were instituted in Command even before the lockdown. These measures have been instituted and all actions stipulated through medical channel have been ensured for all the families.
  • Awareness. Various advisories on health care, personal hygiene and social distancing have been disseminated to all families by various means like distribution of pamphlets, Do's and Dont's being displayed at various common places, through social media etc.
  • Activities Conducted/ Planned.
    • Families returning to the Station during initial days of lockdown were monitored and screened. Separate Quarantine facility has been created for families in each station.
    • Area around family quarters are being sanitised by use of disinfectant sprays.
    • Mobile CSD, vegetables, bakery, milk, LPG and grocery facilities are being provided to all family accommodation.
    • At the unit/ sub unit level, various measures have been adopted to ensure that all families are connected for dissemination of advisories and to take care of their grievances among all families.
    • Drawal of medicines at ECHS/MH has been allowed by the NoK for elderly above 65 yrs of age.
    • Online teaching facility for students has commenced in schools of Northern Command wef 03 Apr 2020.
    • Helpline numbers of FHO & SHO has been provided to all families for contact in case of assistance/ emergency.
    • Medical equipment like masks etc are being provided to the families.
    • Order Today Deliver Tomorrow.     'OTDR' Mobile App was launched for the convenience of all persons.
    • Establishment of Screening Points.    Screening points were established in Family Accommodation Complexes for families returning from leave.
    • Accommodation Sanitisation Drive.    Sanitisation drive was conducted in all Family Accommodation Complexes.