Wedded to the Olive Greens


     If you are new to the Indian Army family, you may have many questions in your mind. You can easily clear them reading this delightful book. The book is well illustrated which further helps in comprehension.
     In all, the book has 14 chapters; each chapter is well researched & informative. The book starts with history of Indian Army & its evolution. It then leads to the inside of an Army Unit; the main functional entity. Important issues as Officers Mess, military way of life & the Core Values have been covered comprehensively. Important aspects essential for the lady i.e. welfare, social graces, establishing a home, trouble shooting, education facilities & communication, prepare you with essential functioning tools. Important tips at the end conclude the book.

An interesting letter penned by one of our visionary President AWWA in 2012 is timeless and relevant even today, we have it here for you………..

Open Letter to the Newly Weds

Mrs Bubbles Singh, (President AWWA 2012 -14)

      Please accept my Heartiest Congratulations on joining the Army family. You are in an organization that will care for you, while you support and care for others.
      It is indeed an honour for all of us to be associated with this proud profession of arms. By virtue of being an officer’s wife, you will soon realize that you are looked upon for care, compassion, guidance and support. I am sure you will meet, splendidly, the expectations of those, who repose their trust and faith in you.
     I would like to share a few of my thoughts, that tell you, what it is to be an Army wife, as also the role you play.

      Remember, you are your spouse’s strength; you are the one, who is always supporting and helping him. So, develop together as a couple, and march ahead confidently, as a team.

      At the outset, you should be a willing member of the women’s team. Be a pro-active component of this cohesive group, which is dedicated to the welfare of families, as also to the honour of the Regiment / Corps.

      It is essential to connect with the families of the Unit, irrespective of where they are staying. You should reach out and be approachable to anyone who needs you, so that you are looked upon as a friend, in this support structure of the Army.

      The Family Welfare Centre is a place where all families of the unit interact with each other. This institution facilitates vocational training and self-reliance. Welfare activities should be strictly aimed at the well-being of families. You should empower them to get educated through awareness programmes, so as to be able to tide over any kind of situation. In today’s changing environment, the hopes and aspirations of our soldiers and their families are immense. Their children are doing extremely well in all walks of life, and thus, we must encourage them in their various endeavours. We all need to actively participate in welfare activities, as it serves as a platform for sharing and discussing views, which help growth and development, as also promotes a better quality of life.

      It is also commendable that many of our working women, today, are doing extremely well in their respective professions. While being a successful career person, do remember that it is equally important to dedicate some time for welfare activities of our soldiers and their families.

     I am confident that you will enjoy the Army way of life. In times to come, you will be the driving force and the strength of our fine Army. You represent an emerging India that is young, vibrant and dynamic. We welcome you to be a part of the ‘Army Family’ – a noble organization.

“One for All, and All for One”
Wishing You Well ! May God Bless You!

Mrs Bubbles Singh

The book is designed to assist Army wives to comprehend the nuances of the Army way of life and ease the transition into the Olive Green family. If you wish to get a copy you could reach out to us at artracawwa@gmail.com or use the contact us link on ARTRAC AWWA page.