Activities, Products and Services

We at ARTRAC AWWA strive each day to become a better version of ourselves. This is reflected in our activities, endeavours and ventures. The focus of our efforts is women empowerment, and we do this through multiple initiatives. Here we bring to you a bird’s eye-view of our activities in the fields of education, counselling, skilling and ventures that we support.

Women Empowerment

We believe that the best lies within us, we work with pleasure, we enjoy our leisure, we work together to make our neighbourhood  and our environment a better place.


ARTRAC Primary School 

The School believes in holistic & innovative learning methods. It follows a well-researched curriculum that is based on play way method of learning. Undoubtedly one of the most sought after schools in Shimla.

Regional President AWWA at ARTAC Primary School

 For more details, you could connect with the Principal , Mrs. Payal Gill at apsshimla@gmail.com. Click here for Admission Form for Nursery to Class IV. 

Covid could not dampen our spirits; we leveraged this opportunity to intensify learning and spread knowledge. ARTRAC Primary School was one of the first schools to get started with ‘Virtual Classrooms’ on Microsoft Teams to resume the academic curriculum. Numerous parents have benefitted from our online counselling.

Snapshots from Online Counselling


We also offer professional counselling in critical domains, such as education, special needs, health and social adjustment challenges. With our online reach, you could connect with us from any place in the country. You can reach out to our certified counsellors empanelled through the Central AWWA, on e - mail. If you have the skills and wish to join us in the initiative, please email us and we will revert, with alacrity and pleasure.

Name Field of Expertise e-mail
Mrs Jyoti Pande Career counsellor for families and children jyotirider@gmail.com
Mrs Veda Upadhyay Psychological counsellor & trainer for personality development mindmatters05@gmail.com
Mrs Neha Tiwari Audiologist & speech language therapist phonoeasyforkids@gmail.com

Please mail us at artracawwa@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us as a Counsellor.

Skilling : Kaushal Bharat, Kushal Bharat

Through our Vocational Training Centres (VTCs), spread across the length and breadth of the country, we are empowering our ladies with diverse skills, those that make our women more independent in their daily chores as also in terms of professional opportunities. In doing so, we are also sensitive to the imperatives of 'technology adaptation’ and ‘economic inclusion'.

Driving Training

Baking Classes

Paper Re-cycling for Eco-friendly Products

Our Vocational Training Centres (VTCs)

         Our Vocational Training Centres spread across the country provide skilling with social commitment to empower women to meet challenges and leverage opportunities. The courses conducted here include a wide spectrum of skilled and semi-skilled fields such as beautician, tailoring, English speaking, computer basics, driving and nursery teachers training. The duration of the courses ranges from one month to one year depending on the type of skill. Due to COVID pandemic, the courses are not being conducted at present and will resume once the prevailing condition improves. Meanwhile, we are also exploring the possibility of some of the skills to be imparted through online platforms. We will keep you posted with the latest update on this webpage.

Click here to know more about the courses. If you are interested in joining any course for skilling or if you wish to contribute as a resource person, please reach out to us at artracawwa@gmail.com

Fancy Dress Competition

1st - Miss Jiyar Desai

2nd - Master Aditya More

3rd - Miss Janya S


1st - Miss Anisha

2nd - Miss Heena

3rd - Miss Vanya

Poem Recitation

1st - Miss Anisha

2nd - Miss Heena

Best Out of Waste

We are committed to preserving the planet and maintaining a green and clean environment. Waste management is an essential element of the AWWA drive to preserve our environment. A competition for Best Out of Waste was conducted during the AWWA week to spread this message to one and all. The outcome of the final products was a wonderful sight to behold !

1st - Mrs Jyotsna (Footmat)
2nd - Mrs Surekha More (Photo frame)
3rd - Mrs Swarika Tripathi (Decoration)

Join Hands for Success

    We believe in continued efforts towards achieving excellence. Hence, we encourage each one of you to share your paintings / poems / photographs on social causes that can help us all, especially in the fields of environment preservation , empowerment through education and skilling. Please Whatsapp us at 9015006277.We will shortlist the most useful entries and share them on this page with credits.


The Chhavi is a place you will love to shop at, especially after the recent renovation. Operated under the aegis of AWWA, ARTRAC it meets the needs of defence personnel and their families in the station. It includes a variety of handicrafts, dress material, linen, decorative items, kitchenware, women accessories and high quality leather goods at reasonable prices. For your safety during the COVID pandemic, we have placed the inventory here, for you to select online and place your demand.

Our Chhavi Store

Sarees & Linen


Our Products

We believe in sustainability ; adopting best practices through employment of latest machinery to reduce our carbon footprint; it is an effort towards ‘Saving Our Planet’; Do check out the products !

Pillow Cover (Cotton)

Item Code: MI115

Item Type: Pillow Cover (Cotton)

Dimensions : 71 x 43 cm

Price : ₹. 210/Set


Bed Cover (Cotton)

Item Code: MI033

Item Type: Bed Cover (Cotton)

Dimensions : 254 x 254 cm

Price : ₹. 1480/Item


Bed Cover (Block Print)

Item Code: MI035

Item Type: Bed Cover

(Block Print)

Dimensions : 254x 228 cm

Price : ₹. 1931/Item

Bed Sheet Double 

Item Code: MI037

Item Type: Bed Sheet Double 

Dimensions : 279x248 cm

Price : ₹. 1591/Item

Dining Sheet 

Item Code: MI078

Item Type: Dining Sheet (Cotton)

Dimensions : 215x167 cm

Price : ₹. 726/Set

Asha Card

Item Code: MI094

Item Type: Asha Card

Dimensions : 10x 15 cm

Price : ₹. 07/Item

Napkin Set (Painted)

Item Code: MI102

Item Type:  Napkin Set (Painted)

Dimensions : 38 x 38 cm

Price : ₹. 385 /Set

Diwan Set (Cotton)

Item Code: MI103

Item Type: Diwan Set (Cotton)

Dimensions : 243x116 cm

Price : ₹. 1380/Set

Dressing Table Mats

Item Code: MI104

Item Type: Dressing Table Mats (Painted)

Dimensions : 45x 30 cm

Price : ₹. 242/Set

Kitchen Curtain (Printed)

Item Code: MI109

Item Type: Kitchen Curtain (Printed)

Dimensions : 111 x 111

Price : ₹. 484/Set

Multi-purpose Bag

Item Code: MI111

Item Type: Muti-purpose Bag

(Printed Cotton)

Dimensions : 58 x 41 m

Price : ₹. 241/Set


Item Code: MI113

Item Type: Nightie (cotton)

Dimensions : 139 x 88 m

Price : ₹. 363 /Set

Shirt Bag

Item Code: MI123

Item Type: Shirt Bag

Dimensions : 43 x 33 cm

Price : ₹. 205/Pc

Suit Voil (Block Print)

Item Code: MI124

Item Type: Suit Voil

(Block Print)

Dimensions : 518 x 109 cm

Price : ₹. 650/Set

Tea Cozy Set (Cotton)

Item Code: MI125

Item Type: Tea Cozy Set (Cotton)

Dimensions : 33 x 27 m

Price : ₹. 424/Set

Tea Cozy Set (Painted) 

Item Code: MI126

Item Type: Tea Cozy Set (Painted)

Dimensions : 35 x 27 cm

Price : ₹. 660/Set

Table Cloth

Item Code: MI127

Item Type: Table Cloth

Dimensions : 4x4 Mtr

Price : ₹. 242/Pc

Carry Bag Medium

Item Code: MI001

Item Type: Carry Bag (Paper)

Dimensions : 32x20 cm

Price : ₹. 33/Item

Carry Bag Small

Item Code: MI003

Item Type: Carry Bag (Paper)

Dimensions : 25 x12 cm

Price : ₹. 17/Item

Shower Gel

Item Code: MI005

Item Type: Shower Gel

Dimensions : 30 ML

Price : ₹. 33/Item

Shower Gel

Item Code: MI006

Item Type: Shower Gel

Dimensions : 100 ML

Price : ₹. 75/Item

Hand Wash

Item Code: MI007

Item Type: Hand Wash

Dimensions : 100 ML

Price : ₹. 75/Item

Hand Wash

Item Code: MI008

Item Type: Hand Wash

Dimensions : 30 ML

Price : ₹. 33/Item

Carry Bag Large

Item Code: MI010

Item Type: Carry Bag (Paper)

Dimensions : 30x 45 cm

Price : ₹. 50/Item

Envelope Large

Item Code: MI011

Item Type: Envelope (Paper)

Dimensions : 28x24 cm

Price : ₹. 11/Item

Multi-purpose Hanger

Item Code: MI014

Item Type: Multi-purpose Hanger

Dimensions : 75x40 cm

Price : ₹. 275/Item

Envelope Small

Item Code: MI015

Item Type: Envelope (Paper)

Dimensions : 28x12 cm

Price : ₹. 06/Item

Shirt Type Envelope

Item Code: MI018

Item Type: Shirt Type Envelope

Dimensions : 103 x 12 cm

Price : ₹. 11/Item

Mat Large

Item Code: MI030

Item Type: Mat Large

Dimensions : 103 x 72 cm

Price : ₹. 215/Item

Cushion Cover Set

Item Code: MI128

Item Type: Cushion Cover Set

Dimensions : 40 x 40 cm

Price : ₹. 424/Set

Tea Napkin Set (Painted)

Item Code: MI129

Item Type: Tea Napkin Set (Painted)

Dimensions : 30 x 30 cm

Price : ₹. 264/Item

Shoe Holder

Item Code: MI120

Item Type: Shoe Holder

Dimensions : 88 x 50 cm

Price : ₹. 330/Pc

Paper Plate

Item Code: MI131

Item Type: Paper Plate

Price : ₹. 16.5/10 Pc


Paper Bowl

Item Code: MI133

Item Type: Paper Bowl

Price : ₹. 6/10 Pc


Dohar Double

Item Code: MI134

Item Type: Dohar Double

Dimensions : 245 x 223 cm

Price : ₹. 2063/Set

Dohar Single

Item Code: MI135

Item Type: Dohar Single

Capacity : 248 x 172 cm

Price : ₹. 1546/Set

For Demand / queries / clarification, Please Contact:
Chhavi NCO/IC on Cell 8168433402 (WhatsApp) or ARMY – 6092.