Our  Achievers

         In our quest for excellence, we make honest efforts to recognize our achievers to motivate one and all. The President AWWA and Regional President AWWA awards are our recognition of the value we attach to the contribution of women and children in this noble cause.

Winners : President AWWA Awards of Excellence - 2021

Mrs Deepa S Nair
RVC C&C,  Meerut

Mrs Deepa S Nair displayed exemplary camaraderie in looking after a fellow soldier’s special child suffering from Focal Epilepsy (Cerebral Palsy) when both his parents were taken ill and admitted in hospital for more than a fortnight. Her selfless act not only helped the bedridden child but also eased administrative difficulties of the unit during COVID-19 pandemic. Her exceptional devotion in fabricating face shields, adhoc PPE kits and face masks during the lockdown period.

Miss Komal Yadav
School of Arty, Devlali

Miss Komal Yadav is a talented swimmer, who started swimming at the age of 11 yrs in an orthodox & traditional family which did not believe in participation of girls in sports, specially swimming.. Miss Komal Yadav dedication & hard work towards the sport has made her win numerous medals in both at district and state level in Rajasthan, She devotes four to five hours in a day for swimming and aims to represent India in Olympics. 

Mrs Payal Gill 

Mrs Payal Gill took over as Principal of ARTRAC Primary School. In a very short span of time, she re-invigorated the entire set up and transformed the teaching pedagogy. Spearheading the change, she seamlessly implemented the roll out of an online teaching platform, coupled with a suitably modified teaching mechanism and innovative online activities.. She single handedly created the school website and set up resource room and smart classrooms to enable digital learning. 

Mrs Sonia Sachdeva
CME, Pune

Mrs Sonia Sachdeva, has played pivotal role in overall development and improvement in the quality of life of families of Junior Commissioned Officers & Other Ranks in the Faculty.   With her ability to appreciate future requirements and her foresightedness, two very critical cases of pregnancy were dealt with utmost care and maturity during ongoing pandemic. COVID-19, she is strongly recommended for AWWA Award of Excellence.

Regional President AWWA : Awards of Excellence - 2021

Mrs (Dr) Meenakshi Sumeet Arya, OTA, Chennai (Teacher)

Mrs Ena Baruah, 
ACC & S, Ahmednagar

Mrs Ankita Mukherjee, HQ ARTRAC

Mrs Neha Sharma , AMC Centre & College,   Lucknow

Mrs Raghavi Rana, ASC Centre & College

Mrs Rashmi Joshi, Officers Training Academy, Gaya

Mrs Sangitha Binil, School of Arty, Devlali

Mrs Apurva Henriques, ACC & School, Ahmednagar

Mrs Anita Khadanga, ASC Centre &  Collegew

Mrs Kale Shashikala, (Retd), ACC & School, Ahmednagar (Teacher)

Miss Agrima Kanwar, Army War College, Mhow

Miss Harmehar Kaur, (Spl Child), Army War College, Mhow

Miss Avinya, MCEME, Secunderabad

Miss  Krinali Boro, Infantry School, Mhow

Master  Tushar, Infantry School, Mhow

Regional President AWWA : Certificate of Appreciation - 2021

Mrs Atchi Sridevi Reddy, Army AD College , Gopalpur

Mrs Priyanka, Officers Training Academy Gaya

Mrs Neena Kour, College of Military Engineering, Pune

Mrs Bharati Sahu,  College of Military Engineering, Pune

Mrs Kiran Deepti Jaitley,   Army AD College, Gopalpur  (Teacher)

Miss Jyoti Rukwal,  ACC & School, Ahmednagar

Miss Ritika Ghosh,  AMC Centre & College, Lucknow

Master  Vaibhav Singh Thapa Infantry School, Mhow