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Special Educator VAIBHAVI SHARMA 9303081020

I am a mother of a special child, Nikhil, who is recovering from Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) with 90 % severe disability. After his diagnosis in 2007, I made it an aim to lead a life of significance by helping the children and parents with learning disabilities and special needs. The first and the foremost need is of acceptance with parents, for which I listen to parents' concerns ad address them. I have conceived a project for rehabilitation of 50 children with ASD, near Jaipur, Rajasthan after getting inspired from Autism Ashram Hyderabad. With this Inclusive Living Project, our family's aim is to work on following concerns: 1. How do I balance work and care of my child? 2. Can we get all therapies under one roof close to home? 3. What happens to my child after my lifetime? 4. Is there an inclusive environment for my child to live in? 5. How can my child live independently, with some support? We are planning to have : 1. Community living for special needs citizens and their families. 2. Group homes for special citizens. 3. Therapy Center including OT, sensory path, water therapy, canine therapy, etc 4. Sports & Games including walking track, outdoor play-station, etc 5. Common kitchen and dining. 6. Vocational activities. 7. Medical facilities. 8. 24x7 online camera access to parents. Army life has given me the grooming and the wings to my dreams for which I am overwhelmed with gratitude. 9. Day learning special education center. Our motto is : You and We (UnV) Hum Hain Na and with God, Safalta Nishchit hai!

Special Educator GAYAATRI REDDY 8551855655

PhD in special education and psychology - teacher and counsellor ... MA, M.ED, MPhil, PhD.

Special Educator DR. SUPRIYA SINGH 9891385698

Dr Supriya singh is a psychologist and special educator. She has worked relentlessly in the field of psychology and special education. she has also worked extensively social and emotional well being of children and is well versed with disorders such as Autism Learning Disorders, ADHD, and has successfully dealt with issues such as social skills deficit, academic performance, relationship issues and behavior problems. She is an experienced student assessment specialist and is affiliated with many reputed schools in Delhi NCR as external psychologist for student assessment.

Special Educator DR BHAWNA TARAGI 9917091420

Some of the topics of recent Faculty Workshops are – Empathy as a teaching aid, Classroom Management of Learning Difficulties, ADHD & Slow Learners, Positive Classroom Management and better learning outcomes with Adolescents, Creating Positive School Climate, and Initiatives for creating Inclusive learning spacesHave conducted doctoral research on fostering resilience, social problem solving, optimism, self-efficacy and adjustment, through school based psychotherapeutic interventions among adolescents. the intervention method was computer assisted and highly interactive, conducted on a sample of 1200 students in India. Have conducted workshops and talks at various forums of the Indian Army including ASHA schools. Resource person for Rehabilitation Council of India and NIEPID for various Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE) programs. Conducted various sensitization and awareness workshops for general educators and parents on Inclusive Education initiatives in Army run schools