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Avani- The AWWA Annual Magazine

The AWWA publication - AVANI is an annual magazine launched on the AWWA Day. The magazine showcases literary compositions from the dynamic AWWA fraternity and is a treasure-trove that contains an assortment of perspectives, news and views from our far-flung cantonments. It is a platform for the Army ladies to advance the charter of AWWA through information about ongoing projects as well as feel the pulse of our extended family. Thus, it helps to promote the talent within the community.


The cover….. Ashvattha, the tree of life has multiple interpretations. In Avani 2020, Ashvattha represents the unique Army wife. The mighty tree has roots which are deeply entrenched to stay firm and resolute, weathering every storm while nurturing its leaves and branches. Likewise, the Army wives imbibe new skill-sets and grow stronger with each experience as they move through life, thus making room for inclusivity and diversity in the society they live in.

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Avani AWWA Journal 2021

1. The AWWA magazine, Avani-2021 is being planned. It is an endeavour to showcase the rich experience of Army wives. Let us once again bond with the creative and talented members of our fraternity to make this edition a huge success.

2. The members are requested to contribute their articles as experiences, stories, perspectives etc on any of the following sections.

Articles are Invited for Avani AWWA Journal-2021