Veer Nari Welfare

  1. Every year scores of young men sacrifice their lives in the line of duty. Their families and NOK are forced to bear this unfathomable loss in morbid silence. At times, due to apathy, neglect, societal norms, their ignorance, illiteracy and apprehensions in approaching a predominantly male dominated organisation, they suffer in silence. Every soldier is important to the Olive Green family and we have the greatest respect for our martyrs. The Indian Army is committed to address and mitigate any sufferings or hardships experienced by a martyr’s family. It is with this intention and purpose that the organisation has carved out Veer Nari Committee(VNC) under the aegis of AWWA to act as a link between the wo.
  2. With an aim to assist the organisation in ensuring that Veer Naris and their families are resettled with utmost dignity in society; the VNC has charted its scope and domain. The VNC acts as a facilitator in bridging the gap between the organisation and legitimate aspirations of Veer Naris; it disseminates information about their entitlements, schemes & measures for their welfare & resettlement. It also provides them an opportunity to acquire requisite vocational skills for seeking suitable employment.
    The VNC has been in the forefront in collecting & making a comprehensive data bank of all the battle & physical casualities. Regular interactions in the form of Veer Nari Camps &melas, meetings, interviews & counseling are organised to understand the problems of Veer Naris better. These problems are then followed up with the concerned authorities to address them.
  3. In the coming years, VNC will strive to include all the widows/NOK of Indian Army in its database. It has been the endeavour of the VNC to reach out to the max Veer Naris/NOK to make them aware of their entitlements & address their grievances. We are happy to note that the Veer Naris are approaching VNC with increasing confidence, given its past track record of addressing issues and concluding them satisfactorily. VNC will continue to provide all the possible assistance for better future of Veer Naris & their children.

The welfare and rehabilitation of Veer Naris is one of the foremost responsibilities of AWWA. For an overhaul and enhanced assistance, the following measures are being taken:-

  1. Condolence DO letters are sent to the NOK/Veer Naris by Chairperson Veer Nari Committee. A Veer Nari record card is also attached to facilitate VNC to include their details in its data base & register their grievances. This is the basic link of interaction between VNC & the veer Naris.
  2. Regular meetings and interactions are conducted by the Chairperson VNC, to discuss the issues affecting the Veer Naris.
  3. Interaction with the NOK of posthumous gallantry awardees & Veer Naris are held on the occasion of Vijay Diwas, Army Day, Republic Day and Defence Investiture Ceremony. Their grievances are also addressed.
  4. Immediate monetary help and emotional support required by the Veer Nari is provided.
  5. The Veer Naris are assisted in obtaining ordinary family pension, AGIF and other financial emolument entitled to them by writing to the concerned authorities.
  6. Assistance in acquiring Govt accommodation for a period of three years (in case of Battle Casualty) is rendered.
  7. Assistance in claiming education scholarship, reservation and hostels for their wards is provided by sending education scholarship forms.
  8. Employment assistance for ‘Veer Naris’ and their wards is provided by liaising with AWPO, AWES andZilaSainikBoard.
  9. Assistance in obtaining financial grants for medical problems.
  10. Assistance in obtaining financial grant for the marriage of their children is provided by writing to Resettlement & Welfare section.

The Veer Nari Committee, initiates meticulous action to approach the concerned authorities to assist the NOK in getting the entitled benefits from the concerned organisation on receipt of the duly filled Record Card from NOK. The Veer Nari committee corresponds with designated offices of the Indian Army based on the type of grievance/ assistance required by the NOK.

The various types of petition handled are as follows:-

  1. Finalisation of Terminal Benefits. The petitions are forwarded to under mentioned for expeditious release of dues:
    1. Respective Unit
    2. Respective Record
    3. PCDA(P), Allahabad
  2. Employment Assistance for Self and Ward. The petition for providing employment assistance to the NOK and ward is forwarded to the under mentioned for required action:-
    1. Respective Unit
    2. Respective Records
    3. Station HQ
    4. ZilaSainik Board
    5. AWPO
    6. AWES
    7. Veteran Cell, AG’s Br, IHQ of MoD (Army)
  3. Allotment/ Extension of Government Accommodation. The petition for allotment/ extension of Government accommodation is forwarded to following for due consideration and processing:-
    1. Respective Unit
    2. Relevant Station HQ/ Formation HQ
    3. QMG Br, IHQ of MoD (Army)
  4. Assistance in Education of Wards. The petition pertaining to financial assistance for education of wards of NOK is forwarded to:-
    1. R & W Section, AG’s Br, IHQ of MoD (Army)\
    2. Welfare Complex, South Bloc
  5. Marriage Grant for Daughter Marriage and Orphan Son. The petition for financial assistance for marriage of daughter and orphan son of NOK are processed with R & W Section, AG’s Br, IHQ of MoD (Army).
  6. Self Employment. The petitions for assistance for self employment of NOK are duly processed with under mentioned authorities
    1. Respective Unit
    2. Respective Records
    3. R & W Section, AG’s Br, IHQ of MoD (Army)
    4. ZilaSainik Board


Veer Nari Committee
Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA)
c/o Dte Gen of Inf/Inf-1
IHQ of MoD(Army)
New Delhi – 110011

Army Extension - 34638
Mob No - 9999538424

Office Address: -
Veer Nari Committee
c/o Inf Hostel
29 The Mall
Delhi Cantt