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Hope is here – ASHA

Women Empowerment

1. By empowering its members, provides them with the optimism to face the future with courage and confidence. Veer Naris are provided support and genuine care to overcome their loss. Employment opportunities are generated for members to attain self –reliance. Through its various projects, AWWA inspires Army Wives and children to explore their creativity and confidence for a bright future. These projects are:-

(a) Veer Nari Committee. To care for the widow of the Army personnel is a core focus of AWWA. It has instituted ‘Veer Nari Committee’ for this purpose. AWWA does not merely recognize society’s debt to the brave soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice of their lives in the service of our country but also pledges that the irreparable loss for the families will not leave them isolated. Conscious efforts have been taken to ameliorate the sufferings of the bereaved families. We have periodic interaction with such families. To make this interface meaningful AWWA helplines are being established at various stations. “How you can help Us” will provide you more info…….

(b) Aahwan. Aahwan meaning, ‘A Call’, is AWWA’s successful women employment project established on 31 Jul 2006, especially for our underprivileged and needy members. Aahwan has a variety of Block printing, hand painting & other hand made products. These products have been popular and the sales have been rather encouraging. In order to have a wider base of customers, we have been setting up stalls on regular basis in Malls. This approach has also provided us good dividends. A “Retail Therapy” link has been introduced in the website for online selection and demand of products.

(c) AWWA Lunch Project. The AWWA Lunch Project came into existence in 2005. This self-sustaining noble cause progressed with twin aims of providing hygienic, well cooked meals at reasonable rates to all ranks and civilians of the three services at place of work, and to provide additional income to the war widows and families of serving/retired personnel.

. (d) Vocational Training. AWWA is empathetic for social enrichment, confidence building, environmental and health awareness of the wives of the serving as well as retired Army Personnel. Toward this end, Vocational Training Centres running at various Military Stations are imparting training on Nursery Teacher Training, Computer Education, Language skills, Driving skills, Candle making, Paper Bag Making, Stitching, Health and Beauty care courses, home based agro initiatives (Bee Keeping & Mushroom Culture) and various other handicraft items.

(e) Army Skill Training Centre . The Pilot Project was inaugurated on 22 Aug 2016 at Delhi Cantt. The initiative aims at enabling and empowering Army spouses, wards and widows in enhancing their self-worth and employability and thus becoming an integral part of the Nation’s Skilled Human Resource. The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) was co-opted to get the requisite registered certification under the National Skill development Centre (NSDC) programmes. There are four job roles, namely Self Employed Tailor, Domestic Data Entry Operator, Hair Styling and Assistant Beauty Therapist. So far a total of 35 ASTCs have been established across our Cantonments and 25 more are commencing shortly. A total of 1213 students have undergone training at ASTC, Delhi Cantt since its inception. Of these, 1055 students have been certified on various skill courses by NSDC. A number of them have gone ahead and made themselves self-reliant by focused utilization of the skills learnt at ASTC. So far, 7922 students across the country

have been empowered at ASTCs for being self reliant.

(f) Parishram AWWA Cell. It was launched in Oct 1996 as an industrial unit to manufacture low cost clothing products of high quality with competitive rates. The aim of the venture is to provide employment opportunities to Veer naris as well as financially distressed families of serving soldiers and retired personnel, thus helping them to become self-reliant.

(g) AWWA Outlets. AWWA outlets namely Jhanvi,Nutan Pankhuri, Aarohi, Grihasthi and Sajni are located close to our residential areas and do provide revenue for our AWWA efforts. The AWWA Souvenir outlet ‘Smarika’ at National War Memorial, New Delhi has been appreciated by one and all and is a centre of attraction for all the visitors visiting National War Memorial. It pays a befitting tribute to our brave martyrs.

(h) Sena Jal Project. Sena Jal Project was inaugurated by President AWWA on 11 Oct 2017 at Delhi Cantt. The plant has been upgraded to meet the demand of Sena Jal and 20 ltr Jar has also been introduced. In Oct 18 Pet Blowing machine has been installed and in house production of Sena Jal bottles have been started. This has resulted in further reduction in rates of water bottles. A 250ml cost Rs 5/- and 500ml bottle cost Rs 7/-.

We do believe - Wishwas

2. Wishwas is the trust that AWWA will secure the future of its members. AWWA sees the children of the Army as the dawn of a new tomorrow, filled with optimism. In order to meet the aspirations of the future generation, AWWA facilitates education of the little ones by providing them with the wherewithal and relevant skill sets. AWWA imbibes this trust by constantly nurturing young talent and giving wings to their aspirations through the following means:-

(a) Asha Schools. AWWA helps and supports in functioning of 37 ASHA schools for the differently abled children. This pioneering effort was started in 1991. Every year, the ASHA school children make paintings on various themes; these are then selected and printed as greeting cards. The proceeds from the sale of these cards are utilised for the education and better management of ASHA schools. There is a conscious realisation that the mother of all educational efforts is the integration of these children in the normal walk of life and making them economically self-reliant, so that they can lead a dignified life.

(b) Vishwas Employment Assistance Centre. In order to promote self reliance for the special children of Asha School, above 18 years of age, Project ‘Vishwas’ was launched and registered on 3rd May 2017 under Societies Act 1860. It is bearing good results in terms of providing new levels of confidence to students. Presently 37 children (22 at Delhi, 06 at Bhatinda & 09 at Chandimandir) are undergoing training Pan India. Products like Jewellery, Soap, Shower Gel, Agarbati, Aloevera Cream, Phenyl are being produced by ‘Vishwas’ & sold in AWWA outlets. The profits are utilized to provide a monthly stipend to students since April 2017 and this adds to the self-esteem of these children.

(c) Asha Kiran -Autism Intervention Centre. ASHA KIRAN, the unique pilot project for Inclusive Education and Early Intervention was launched by AWWA under the aegis of HQ Delhi Area at Delhi Area Primary School-1 on 21 August 2018.The initiative aims to provide a common platform so that all children become equal partners in learning process. In order to truly achieve inclusion, the school places every child with special needs in regular classrooms. The special educators, therapists and teachers work together to address the needs of each child and an “Individualized Education Program” is designed which is a detailed plan enlisting long term goals and short term objectives. Asha Kiran addresses a wide spectrum of disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Speech Language and Communication disorders, Hearing Impairment, Learning Disability, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder etc by providing various therapeutic programs including counseling, special education, speech therapy and occupational therapy. A “Whole School Approach” has been adopted to involve all stakeholders in teaching learning process which encourages learning in collaboration with peers, enhances team spirit and inculcates values of compassion and harmony.

(d) Asha Cards. Making of new Asha Cards and Gift Wrapping Sheets is done every year to encourage the special children of the schools and also to give wings to their thoughts which they bring out in the form of art on paper. This year we have included Asha Cards from children under going cancer treatment in R&R hosp and instead of six design we have printed seven design of Asha Cards.

(e) AWWA Hostels. AWWA Hostel provides secure residential hostels in metropolitan cities for boys and girls to pursue higher education. AWWA makes contributions for the construction of hostels whenever required. These hostels provide facilities of security, home made food, transport, recreational activities like gymnasium, internet, library, etc. to the hostel wards. ‘Home Away from Home’ is the motto of these hostels.

Unshakeable Faith - Aastha

3. The healing hand of AWWA imbibes a belief and sense of belonging to the family. AWWA strives to take care of every individual within this family by providing medical care, rehabilitation and emotional counseling.

(a) Prerna. Prerna is an important Cancer Support Group initiative with respect to patient welfare at Army Hospital (R&R) which is giving a valuable emotional support and guidance to cancer patients. Prerna was launched in November 2002 under the Aegis of AWWA at the Army Research and Referral Hospital. Members / Volunteers at Prerna work along with the Medical and Para medical staff to provide patients with comprehensive care and help them develop confidence and a positive attitude. Regular visits by important dignitaries boost their morale and reassures them that there is a good support system.

(b) Patient Welfare Committee. The Patient Welfare Committee was formed with the aim of providing emotional support to patients undergoing treatment or malignant and chronic diseases. It continuously strives to achieve excellence in providing comfort to patients and provides counseling on the prevailing health problems and current endemics.

(c) Aastha Counselling Centre. The Army personnel and their families have been impacted by the fast evolving socio-economic environment. We witness affluence, higher aspirations and educational levels on the one hand and instances of disharmony at home and maladjustment in society on the other. Increasing awareness of rights and the thrust on socio-economic justice has brought the focus on areas and issues that need to be addressed, not only by individuals or affected parties but by the organization as well. Aastha Counselling Centre was established on 26 Jun 2003, with an aim to counsel the couples with marital discord issues and help them arrive at an amicable settlement of the problem. The couples are interacted with, by a professional counselor on need basis to resolve the differences.

(d) Paraplegic Rehabilitation. The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre is carrying out various activities for the disabled soldiers. Regular interactions are held for the residents and their families during which important festivals and National events are also celebrated. Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre has been able to achieve physical psychological and financial rehabilitation of 100% disabled ex-servicemen in a manner comparable to European standards.

Reaching Out - Publications.

4. AWWA Website. The AWWA website ( www.awwa.in ) was launched in Apr 2005 and is regularly updated with news of happenings in AWWA throughout the country. Any AWWA beneficiary can submit her grievances through e-mail centralawwa@gmail.com in the form of petitions. Besides details about the organization, objectives and functioning of AWWA, the website has an AWWA products link, which showcases products made by soldiers wives.

5. AWWA Journal –Avani. AWWA reaches out to its members by means of various publications. AWWA Journal being one of them. The annual AWWA Journal provides a platform for free expression, giving an overview and insight into the activities of AWWA.This year to reach out our families at far flung, E- Avani has been launched.

6. AWWA Award of Excellence. Army Wives Welfare Association annually announces AWWA Award of Excellence. This award has been instituted to recognize the exemplary efforts of its members who have contributed in a positive manner voluntarily and made a significant value addition in their given field of work or have proactively worked for amelioration of problems of the members and beneficiaries. This award serves as a motivation and a matter of pride for the recipients. It aims to encourage initiative, creativity, community and social service and pride in its member population. Similar awards have been instituted to recognise the excellence of children & Spl children.

7. AWWA Environment Committee. As part of Environmental awareness campaign, AWWA has setup and Environmental Committee to supplement the station efforts in creating a pure and healthy environment and also inculcate healthy environmental practices of segregating wastes into biodegradable and non-biodegradable categories, prevention of wastage of water and encouraging use of cloth and paper bags instead of plastic ones. It also endeavours to sensitise the woman and children to join in this clean and green environmental drive.


8. Field Area Family Accommodation (FAFA). Army personnel serving in field areas are permitted to opt for government accommodation for their families and their selected place of residence. This accommodation is known as Field Area Family Accommodation (FAFA). The FAFA committee is responsible to resolve the problems of security, health, education etc, so that these families can continue to live a secure and cheerful life with availability of basic amenities. The FAFA committee also carters for basic amenities such as garbage disposal, transport facilities for school children, sports facilities libraries, parks and jogging tracks.

Financial Assistance

9. Financial Grants . AWWA provides ex-gratia to the family of the deceased soldier, educational scholarship to the children of widows of ex-servicemen and distress grants during both natural calamities and economic penury. The details of grants are given in succeeding paras.

10. Ex-Gratia Grant. A onetime grant of Rs 15000/- is being given as a token of immediate financial relief from AWWA to the next of kin of all ranks of the Army who die in harness. This amount is supposed to be given by the unit/formation/institution/establishment immediately on demise of a soldier and reimbursed by AWWA subsequently.

11. Education Scholarship. All ladies widowed after the retirement of their husbands are eligible for educational scholarship grant. The following categories of student are supported by AWWA:-

(a) Class I to Class VIII - Rs 10,000/- per child upto two children in one academic year.

(b) Class IX to Class XII - Rs 14,000/- per child upto two children in one academic year

(c) Graduation - Rs 20,000/- per child upto two children in one academic year.

(d) Post Graduation - Rs 25,000/- per child upto two Graduation from any University children in one academic year.

(e) Professional Course (i.e Tech Grant) - Rs 50,000/- per child upto two for the following from any University children in one academic year:-

(i) Engineering degree course from a recognized university.

(ii) MBBS/MD course from a recognized university.

(iii) BBA/MBA course from a recognized university.

(iv) Any other course where tuition fee of the course is more than Rs 30,000/- per year.

12. Marriage Grant. Financial assistance towards marriage grant to widows/ dependants/ orphaned children who are in financial distress.

13. Penury Grant. One time grant for cases who are in economic distress and have not been provided financial relief from any other agency.

14. Disaster Relief Fund. AWWA also supports Nation Building efforts during disaster relief. Funds through corpus and by synergizing with various Non Government Organisations and Government bodies are provided for relief and rehabilitation of affected areas. Meritorious cases are also considered for individual relief, at the discretion of Executive Management Committee and the approval of President AWWA.

Note :-

(a) If the tuition fee of the child is less than the annual grant given by AWWA, then actual tuition fee will be sanctioned.

(b) Financial grant of Rs 6000/- for purchase of sewing machine to the wives of personnel invalided out form service with 100% disability.