Internship & Volunteering


If you have done or are doing a course in special education you can do an internship in our Asha Schools.

Details of Internship



Asha School, Delhi Cantt

Mrs Bhargavi Ajit

8860417192 (Office)

Guidelines for Internship


Volunteering is good for your mind and body. Volunteering provides benefits to both mental and physical health. It reduces social isolation and counteracts the effects of stress, anger, anxiety and depression.

If you have the time and energy to spare, we have the opportunity for you.


Prerna is a Support Group for cancer patients at Army Hospital (R&R). It is giving valuable emotional support and guidance to cancer patients including child ONCO Warriors.
Contact:  9679423773/Ascon- 33325/submit your details at centralawwa@gmail.com
Prerna Support Groups and Patient Welfare Committees exist in other military stations.

Inclusive education

Every child deserves the help she needs to reach his true potential in school. No child must ever feel excluded from the school system. If you feel strongly about this and would like to help the children facing learning challenges we welcome you. We would be happy to train you.

For more information Contact  011-23018183/ submit your details at centralawwa@gmail.com

Sehat Sakhi

Covid 19 has changed the way in which we look at healthcare. In the past, MI Rooms manned by doctors and nursing assistants used to be operational in many FAFA colonies. The recently launched SeHAT initiative is a tele-consultation service which has become operational in a few FAFA colonies of Delhi as a test project. This service will eventually become the norm in all FAFA colonies.

To help residents to make use of this service we invite volunteers from FAFA colonies. Basic training will be imparted to the Sehat Sakhis.

Contact for Delhi 011-23018183/ submit your details at centralawwa@gmail.com Contact for other stations on Regional pages