AWWA Lunch Project

Quality meal to every personnel

Launched in the Year 2005, the aim of the project is to provide wholesome lunch to personnel at Army Headquarters and also provide employment to Veer Naris. A total of eight oulets are functional which sell nutritious and wholesome lunch pack at very nominal cost of Rs 60/- each. Recently two more outlets have been made functional at Army Hospital (R & R) and Army Base Hospital Delhi Cantt.

AWWA Lunch project was tasked to prepare meals for migrants/ poor labourer in view of prevailing COVID-19 situation. The project prepared and distributed aprox 1200 food packets daily over a period of five days from 30 Mar to 03 Apr 20. Volunteer from unit participated in meals preparation and distribution to the needy while ensuring hygiene and quality of high standards.

The project also prepared meals for Military special trains. The meal was to cater for serving soldiers undertaking journey.

This venture will strive consistently to achieve the objectives of AWWA at all time. The project would continue to achieve greater heights with determination and focused approach to provide quality of food to the troops at all time.