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Ever felt that your talents are admired far and wide but your own army fraternity is unaware of your success! Well, let’s do something about that. Giving a shout-out to all writers and poets. Please share your work so that we too may read and draw inspiration!

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Poonam Singh

समय की रेतवक़्त हुआ फिर पैक करने कासमय की रेत पर आगे बढ़ने कासोचती हूं पहले क्या पैक करूं एहसास समेटूं या जज़्बात रखूं

Ritu Sharma


Jessica Daniel


Priya Khanna


Megha Bharadwaj


Payal Talwar

Mindful use of our resources is the need of the day today. This article focuses on some of the ways which can help us in reducing our carbon footprints

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