Mrs Alka Singh

( Regional President AWWA
Western Command )

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Heartfelt greetings and good wishes to the entire AWWA fraternity. It is indeed a matter of great pride and honour for all of us that AWWA has kept pace with the ever-changing socio-economic challenges during pandemic times and accordingly reshaped the contours of welfare for our families in accordance with their individual aspirations. ...

Its notable endeavours and ventures are empowering the members to surmount all conditions which are unique to our way of life and realise their aspirations through skilling, vocational development and financial literacy ensuring them to be Atmanirbhar, with focus remaining on health, education and happiness.

It gives me immense pleasure to know that our Veer Naaris, widows and NOKs are approaching the VSKs seeking all possible assistance with increasing confidence. It is singularly due to empathetic and compassionate outreach programmes. Other ongoing ventures like Asha Schools, VTC projects and Asha Kiran have also been showing consistent success.

AWWA has converted Asha, Wishwas and Aastha from being near abstract ideas into the very epitome on which the sound pillars of organisational existence rest. The credo” Sharing, caring and personal touch” has enabled us to build a unique bond of oneness amongst our members.

I wish all our families the very best in all spheres of life. May God bless you with abundant strength, resilience and fortitude to face whatever challenges life presents you with. Godspeed.

Jai Hind !
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