Mrs Ravneet Bhinder

( Regional President AWWA
South Western Command )

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South Western AWWA

"You   can   win,   All   you   need   is   Education"


  Asha Schools are a beacon of hope for the differently abled children of soldiers. They provide education, mental and psychological   guidance, health checkups of the children and counselling to the parents. Efforts are being made to give an exposure to the children in a   manner that they become more and more self-reliant to take on life with confidence. There are 7 schools in the Area of Responsibility of   SWC. These are:-

Principal : Mrs Anuradha
Total Student : 35
Spl Educators - 05

Principal : Mrs Saumia S
Total Student : 44
Spl Educators - 05

Principal : Mrs Bhumika
Total Student : 34
Spl Educators - 04

Principal : Mrs Anju Sangwan
Total Student : 17
Spl Educators - 03

Principal : Mrs Sharmil
Total Student : 26
Spl Educators - 04