Mrs Anita Nain
Regional President AWWA, SC


Army Wives Welfare Association has been at the forefront providing comfort, happiness and well-being to the Veer Naris, families and children of Army Personnel. Today, I stand extremely privileged as the ‘Team Captain’ of Southern Star AWWA to carry forward the outstanding and remarkable work of my predecessors and our family of contributors who collectively have given ‘Asha,Wishwas,Aastha’, an indomitable spirit.

As we embark together on a journey in a vibrant, dynamic and ever-changing social environment, we need to harness the tremendous capacity and skills available within us to better our collective quality of life. We need to lay emphasis on providing succour and assistance to those who need us the most, viz. our Veer Naris, special children, soldiers with disabilities, and families whose husbands are serving the nation in our far-flung borders.Together we also need to focus on our school/college going children, who are our nation’s future, and provide them the best education and environment to develop their nascent minds into promising citizens of India.

The challenges of our fragile social fabric influenced by modern ways of life also require us to empower our women.We need to ensure they have skilled capacities to contribute towards nation building and prosperity at home. Towards this endeavour, laying focus on imparting vocational skills for gainful employment would be a priority. Motherhood is the dream of every women, my endeavor would be to allow maximum personnel to avail facilities at ‘The ART Centre'.

Our lives post Covid-19 have changed in all dimensions, leaving us to grapple with new challenges. It is heartening to see all our families having adapted well and with ease. COVID 19 is not yet behind us, therefore we need to pay critical attention to our health & hygiene. Along our busy path of life, we must not forget our ESM and remain especially sensitive to their social and financial needs, to enable a joy filled old age.

Together in these difficult times, guided by our motto, ‘Asha, Wishwas, Aastha’, our spirit of caring and sharing with abundant hope, confidence and trust must never diminish. It should remain an eternal flame that continues to provide light for all our welfare activities.

Having shared my thoughts, I would like to lay down my KRAs for the coming future:

  1. Conduct meaningful vocational trg at VTC/ASTCs for viable economic gain.
  2. Upgradation of ASHA and APPS schools including Project Asha Kiran.
  3. Strengthening family structure through regular counselling.
  4. Improve facilities at the PRC.
  5. Maximum utilization by personnel of the ART Centre.
  6. Ensure our established AWWA institutions/facilities remain optimally utilized.
  7. Improve quality of life in general, and in particular, the lives of our Veer Naris, ESM widows and Ladies staying in FAFA.
  • Best wishes,
  • Anita Nain