Prerna Cell is focussed on providing emotional and moral support to cancer patients and their care givers. This cell organises weekly physical or virtual connects with patients through activities like singing, playing tambola, drawing mandalas and live pranayam sessions to give a feeling of normalcy. These connects provide a platform to engage with patients, make them comfortable and an access to resolve any personal issues. A trained onco counsellor is available for virtual counselling over the phone. Spouses and dependants of army personnel and veterans are welcome to join as Prerna volunteers after undergoing a virtual on-boarding session.

Patient Welfare is an arm of AWWA that is focussed on staying connected with patients by providing a listening ear and access to help resolve their personal problems. The scope of activities covers initiatives to enhance the hospital environment and make it feel like a home away from home. Members of this arm work closely with hospital administration on activities like continuing education for housekeeping staff, initiatives to enhance the comfort and look of patient waiting rooms, provide a feedback loop to the administration on elements like the taste and quality of food as perceived by patients, organize celebrations for in patients on special occasions etc.