Medical Outreach Programme

RMO of the formation and Nursing Assistants regularly visit married accommodation and brief families on the measures to take and safe guard themselves in COVID-19 pandemic. They also educate them not to hide any common cold symptoms owing to the similarity of symptoms to COVID-19 symptoms. Routine checkup of families and dependents is being carried out as part of medical outreach programme.

Education and Awareness

With social distancing during COVID-19, the webinars organized by AWWA had a two-fold purpose; maintain contact with families and dependants while remaining physically distant and provide a platform for educating families and building awareness on important topics such as COVID testing, vaccination, home isolation, symptoms to watch for, hospitalisation and managing mental stress and grief from personal loss. A virtual grief counselling cell has been set up for army personnel and their dependants.

Tiffin Services

Tiffin Services on demand, for the families in isolation due to COVID-19 has been started by providing hygienic home cooked food while taking all the necessary precautions. This service at reasonable rates is proving to be a boon for families who are not able to cook food due to COVID-19 complications and are undergoing recovery.

Tuck Shops

Tuck Shops have been established at various RWAs to provide all types of necessary items to the families. Quality and rate reasonability of items is being checked and ensured properly on a regular basis. Tuck shops have become a hub for all colonies for meeting daily needs of the residents.

Distribution of Milk, Vegetables, Grocery and Bakery Products

Regular delivery of fresh milk, vegetables, grocery and bakery products to residents through the Parag milk van, mobile Surya veg shop & mobile bakery vehicle has been implemented.

Mobile ATM

Availability of cash to families staying indoors during lockdown has been ensured through mobile ATM at regular intervals.

Drinking water

RO drinking water is being provided regularly to the families staying in married accommodation under the aegis of Surya Jal. Super chlorination of water is carried out at the source to ensure hygiene and quality of MES water.