Heartiest greetings to all from the Surya AWWA family. Surya AWWA remains steadfast in its indefatigable efforts to touch the lives of AWWA beneficiaries and make a difference, true to the AWWA Motto of ASHA, WISHWAS and AASTHA.... Having adapted to the new normal set by the pandemic, Surya AWWA’s resolve to thrive has only grown stronger. Surya AWWA cares, not merely about safety and wellbeing in these trying times, but also to reach out to the concerns of our families including Veer Naris, widows and veterans. The happiness of our families concerns us the most in Surya AWWA. The health, empowerment and welfare of our families remain our prime concern. Quality education for our children amidst the pandemic has been an area of indulgence. Online functioning has been a wonderful discovery; not just education, but awareness and participation through webinars, and deliberation amongst functionaries on online platforms have enhanced our efficacy and efficiency. Financial independence through skilling and awareness remains the focus of all our endeavours through the medium of online/offline classes and webinars....

In addressing the healthcare and wellbeing of our families during the pandemic, the elderly and infirm remained closest to our heart. Not only timely and sufficient healthcare but the need for psychological and emotional support, wherever needed, was provided. Our ‘Aastha and Braveheart-Cell’ and the professional counsellors on the panel contributed in a large measure to mental wellbeing of our families and promotion of marital harmony.

Constant emphasis on fighting against COVID as a shared responsibility, adherence to basic precautions, ensuring availability of essential supplies & service at the doorstep and empowerment of RWA Groups with ladies members have been catalysts to maintain a healthy quality of life during the pandemic. As we brace ourselves for yet another surge, Surya AWWA members maintain a high degree of COVID awareness and alertness.

Amidst these challenging times, I wish you all good health and abundant joy. May every thought and action be tempered by your wisdom and positivity.


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