On the occasion of New Year eve 2021, I extend my heartfelt greetings to all members of the AWWA fraternity. May this new year bring you all, happiness, prosperity and good health.

     AWWA focuses on harnessing and building collective energies to address and create sustainable models for empowerment for our members, Veer Naris, children and ex-servicemen. To do so, we have to enhance our reach and synergize our efforts.

      With the COVID-19 pandemic on rise, the need of the hour is universal adoption of safety measures.   As prevention is better than cure, it is essential to strictly follow precautionary measures such as washing hands, maintain social distancing, wearing masks. 

      As we are all aware that COVID -19 has also greatly impacted our personal as well as professional lives. We all have been pushed into learning new ways of managing our home and office. The situation continues to be difficult  for our military families living in military stations and at native places.  

      In these difficult times let us continue to help each other and strengthen the bonds within our families and community.

       As we welcome the New Year let us not forget the yeoman service rendered by all our predecessors in shaping AWWA.  Let us also pledge to carry on their good work and make the bond of AWWA stronger than before.

       May God bless you all with happiness, prosperity and good health in the new year. May each one of us continue to strive and carry forward our motto of



Jai Hind