Continuing the conversations with celebrity author series, Gaurav C Sawant Senior Executive Editor, India Today TV, anchor of India First, shared inspirational nuggets on how to write in the fast paced digital era. He also shared personal anecdotes of minding content and his pronunciation Ps and Qs for the fear of being hauled up by folks at home. Aside the banter, he also encouraged the effort of the army wives of writing on and about the army life. He felicitated them for their grit and poise in adversity.

      A spellbinding session on Historical and Mythological Retellings from a Woman's Perspective that ended on a sublime note of a powerhouse storytelling session of a story written by Telugu poet and writer well known for her feminist perspective, Volga. 

      The session discussed how it is crucial for women's role in mythology to be retold and repackaged to make it palatable to the current scenario, especially through a women's point of view. 


      Abhivyakti', the brain child of President AWWA, envisioned to empower the writers of our talented fraternity came to life in the session titled 'Rubaroo'. Writers from our talented fraternity introduced their body of work and read out their own poems.

Dastan implies a story and Goi to speak:- Thus began the Dastangoi by Fouzia dastango and Firoz Khan. Dastan e Mahabharat, Written and directed by Danish Iqbal, with a preamble on how the trio tried to wrap this traditional art form  in a contemporary format by retelling stories such as Dastan e Ram, Dastan e Gandhi and Radha Krsihan in Urdu. A cadence of voice taking the audience through the troughs and peaks of a scenes from the Mahabharata left them spellbound.

      A creative writing workshop on the art and craft and the technique behind self editing, was conducted for participants above the age of 16, by seasoned author and creative writing trainer, Ms. Sahana Ahmed. Practice, theory and practical tips on perfecting and honing the written word were shared in a highly engaging session that saw enthusiastic participation.

Abhivyakti - A three day pan India gathering of writers, poets storytellers, scribes and book lovers at a literary bonanza of ideas, continues to dazzle the audiences as it marches on to its third and final day on December, 19th.