Calling girls with an artistic inclination and a creative ambition, ages 18 - 23, for an opportunity to learn, earn and find their place in industry. 

The Bold Fellowship is 4 months, paid Fellowship program at Spread Design Barn, Bengaluru that will give three deserving girls deep knowledge, concepts and hands-on training and experience in Design related 2D and 3D studio skills. The Fellowship provides a remuneration of Rs 8000 per month along with lunch on working days. 

You need to have commitment and dedication towards the program, the desire to learn and grow, plus a valid requirement of financial support. The Fellowship will equip you with experience and skills for employment.

Please apply by filling up the form by 1st Nov 2021 and be ready for a face to face interview between 4th and 8th Nov 2021.

The Bold fellowship celebrates the spirit of Maj Gen Anju Manchanda (VSM)
Major General (Mrs) Anju Manchanda, VSM. Born into a Sikh family in the heart of a conservative, pre-Independence India, she took an untrodden path. Growing up to become a doctor in Jabalpur in the 1960s, she joined the predominantly male Indian Army and rose to the rank of Major General through sheer grit, resilience and commitment. 

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