South Western Command





On the auspicious occasion of the 51st AWWA Day, I wish to extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to each and every member of this wondrous AWWA Sapta Shakti fraternity.

We are proud to follow our motto of ‘Sharing and Caring’, I am confident that each one of us is concerned and committed to the sensitivities of Veer Naris, widows, differently abled children, families in need and would go an extra mile to help them. Our strength lies in oneness and our reach across the Nation.

Women empowerment is a national goal & in the changing society, we at the Sapta Shakti family ensure that our families are happy, healthy, well adjusted, confident and socially aware women who can gently yet firmly steer their families towards a better quality of life. The welfare activities here essentially lay emphasis on empowering women to help her make her home progressive. 

I appreciate the effort of all members who devoted their valuable time to AWWA activities, as each one of us can bring about positive change in one’s own sphere. 

With humility, I pray to the Almighty for her benevolence on the entire AWWA fraternity. May you all be blessed with success, happiness and prosperity.   

Best Wishes




  • Introduction. Sapta Shakti AWWA came into existence in Apr 2005 under the able leadership of Mrs Vijayalakshmi Nagaraj w/o Lt Gen K Nagaraj, PVSM,UYSM, ADC as the first Regional President AWWA. Over the years Sapta Shakti AWWA has evolved into a cohesive, well knit organisation channelising the collective energy of its members into achieving the goals of AWWA.
  • Sapta Shakti AWWA programmes and activities of the units and formations are spread over twenty three stations aiming at promoting genuine and meaningful welfare, with emphasis on health, education, self enhancement and empowerment.
  • Aim. To work for the general welfare of the spouse and the dependent family members of the serving and the retired all ranks of the Indian Army, including the widows of personnel of the Indian Army.
  • Objectives. The following are broad objectives which in turn determine the activities of AWWA :-
    • To promote Self Reliance and Independence.
    • To improve the Quality of Life and maximise the Happiness Quotient of our families in Sapta Shakti  Command.
    • To  nurture Mind-Sets and Attitudes towards Changing Times.
    • Various aspects of Normal and Special Education.
    • Organise Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and so on for Increasing Awareness.
    • Medical Support and Education.
    • Make available Govt Welfare Schemes to the Members.
    • Interface between members of the Indian Army and the Government of India.
    • Ensure all financial assistance for members and their dependents as offered   by the Army and the Indian Govt.
    • Provide Legal Support to Members.
    • Skill Development, Financial Empowerment and Ensuring Commercial Viability of Cottage and Entrepreneurial Schemes by members.
  • Key Result Areas.
    • All welfare activities to be well planned and meaningful.
    • Education,  economic status, social status and class composition of troops and families to be taken into consideration while planning vocational training.
    • Interact with Veer Naris and Widows regularly and encourage them to attain financial independence and enhance awareness so as to avoid exploitation.
  • Resident Welfare Association (RWA).   RWAs in all colonies are responsible for coordination of community participation in upkeep and cleanliness of respective areas. RWA’s are also proactive in getting optimum response from MES for the welfare of all residents.

1.  Oral Cancer Awareness and  Screening Camp.   “Oral Cancer Awareness and  Screening Camp” was held at Sapta Shakti Auditorium Jaipur mil stn on 10 Nov 2018.

2.  Visit to Suvidha Complex. Regional President AWWA, SWC visited AWWA outlets at Jaipur Mil Stn on 12 Nov 2018.

3.   Bird Watching Club.    Lecture on Bird Watching Club at Jaipur Military Station for Children  was carriedout  on  13 Nov 18.

4.   Book Reading Session.   A Book Reading Session was organised on 14 Nov 2018  at South Western Command Library.

5.   Block Printing Course.     Regional President AWWA inaugurated Block Printing Course at VTC Jaipur, on 15 Nov 2018.

6.   Sapta Shakti Asha School.   Asha School Children participated “International Day of People with Disability “ at Jaipur on 03 Dec 2018.


7.  Special Family Welfare Meet. Mrs Mareena Mathson, Regional President  AWWA SWC addressied the Special Family Welfare Meet held on 22 Nov 18 at Mathura.


         Inauguration of VTC.   Mrs Mareena Mathson, Regional President AWWA  Sapta Shakti Command inaugurated Vocational Training Centre on 12 April 2018 at Jaipur Mil Stn Military Station for welfare of families.

           Inauguration of Summer Camp.   Mrs Mareena Mathson, Regional President AWWA  Sapta Shakti Command Inaugurated Fun & Learn Children Summer Camp on 15 May 2018 at Jaipur Mil Stn where in a str of 133 children's participated in the camp.

           Corps (Mathura)      Personal interaction with families of JCOs/OR is a continuous process. Focus areas of interaction were Health, Women Empowerment, Children Welfare, Congenial Environment and General Happiness Quotient of the families on 19 Apr 2018.

           Dist level Games for differently abled Children:-   Special  Olympics  Bharat org  Dist  Level  Games for  the  Special Children of six schools loc in Hisar Dist  at Asha School, Hisar Cantt on 10 Mar 2018.

           Vocational Trg.    VTC at Mathura and all stations under jurisdiction of Strike 1 conduct vocational trg regularly to meet the aspirations of families of offrs, JCOs&OR. Courses/training/workshops in NTT, sewing , beautician, block printing, fabric printing, baking, cooking, computer, art & craft, cloth bag making, driving, and the like are being conducted.


           Inauguration of Suvidha Kendra. A Suvidha Kendra shop for families has been set up in 8 MAHAR (Diptoli) .  The same has been named as “Sep Prabhakar Patre,Vrc Suvidha Kendra.


           Visit of Mrs Mareena Mathson, Regional President AWWA, South Western Command.   Mrs Mareena Mathson, Regional President AWWA, South Western Command visited Brigade Skill Development Centre, 67 Infantry Brigade on 18 May 2018. The event was attended by 13 Offrs Ladies and 89 JCOs/OR families.

          Competition on Best Out of Waste. Competition on ‘Best Out’ of Waste was conducted during Family Welfare Meet at unit level during the period.

           VACCINATION. MR vaccination was provided by 174 MH medical team for school  students upto 15 years on 07 May 2018.

           Dance Classes. Dance Classes for the children had commenced at CEC wef 01 Apr 2018. Currently 73 students are learning dance at CEC.


    Ranbankura Vocational Training Center. New Course of Artificial Jewellery making was conducted from 19 Mar 2018 to 30 Apr 2018 for families and female dependents of JCOs/OR of the station at Ranbankura Vocational Training Center (RVTC).

    Regional President AWWA