Northern Command

    1. Nari suraksha.
    2. Parenting issues.
    3. Marital harmony.
    4. Women empowerment incl self empowerment & personality devp.
    5. Stress mgt by Sehaj yoga and meditation.
    6. Upliftment of standard of living of families.
    7. Improvement of entertainment and recreational facilities.
    8. Jan manch every three months.
    9. Upgradation of Drona Boys Hostel/Asha School & VTC.
    10. Edn scholarship for girl child (Shubangani Scheme).
    11. Clean & green environment.
    12. Genration of funds.
    1. Stress Mgt by Sehaj Yoga and Meditation. Stress yoga is being organised for families of officer/JCOs/Ors on regular basis. Mrs Ujawala Bhoite conducted classes on Stress Management through Sehaj Yoga and Meditation.
    2. Lectures/Seminars.
      1. Lecture on cashless transactions, mobile banking and online payment.
      2. Demonstration on cooking a healthy snack in a series.
      3. Talk on contemporary parenting method.
      4. Talk on building good communication skills.
      5. Benefits auth to NOK of JCOs/OR.
      6. Stress management.
      7. Lecture by Manager, HDFC Bank at NCVD.
      8. Lecture on fire safety.
      9. Lecture on cold weather.
      10. Lecture on save electricity and save water.
      11. Security Awareness lecture were conducted which includes PIO calls handling & safety measures to be adopted while using social networking service e/mail etc.
      12. Lecture on Higher Education (Project Saheli Shiksha).
      13. Lecture on security and stress management and area maintenance.
      14. Lecture on save s girl child.
      15. Use of heating appliances.
    3. Lecture on Financial Management. Lecture on Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme for the girl child were conducted DLCTH on 28 Mar 2017. Regional President AWWA attended the lecture. Sukanya Samridhi Account has been introduced in Dec 2014. The main objective of the account is to promote the welfare of girl child. A natural/legal guardian can open the account on behalf of a girl child. The following issues were brought out in the lecture :-
      1. The account can be opened for girls under 10 yrs of age.
      2. After 21 yrs, will get four times of actual money deposited in the account.
      3. Rate of interest is 9.2%. SSA can be opened for maximum two girls.
    4. Child Psychology and Upbringing of Children. Proper grooming of the children in today’s environment needs no emphasis. Towards this aim, the lectures were conducted during FWO meet on 14 Jan 2017, highlighting various aspects of good parenting.
    5. Lecture on Breast Cancer and Self Examination. A lecture on Breast Cancer and Self Examination was conducted for the families by 310 Fd Hosp during the FWO Meet. Lady Medical offr, Capt Parul Verma, of the Unit conducted the lecture and apprised the families on the precautions to be taken and for an early detection of Breast Cancer.
    6. Lecture on Gen Oral Health on 26 Nov 2016. A lecture on Gen Oral Health was conducted by 16 Corps at Usman Auditorium on 26 Nov 2016. All families of the station attended it.
    7. Eye Camp. A Surgical Eye Camp was organized at 170 MH, Akhnoor under the aegis of Crossed Swords Division from 30 Jan 2017 to 02 Feb 2017. This was done in accordance with ‘VISION 2020’ programme of Government of India fulfilling the ‘Right to Sight for all’. The facility was also extended to the families, residing in the Akhnoor Military Station. 21 families benefited from the presence of the ophthalmologist.
    8. World Cancer Day . On the occasion of “World Cancer Day” (4 Feb 2017) health awareness lecture, health exhibition, and talk cum interactive sessions were conducted at 170 MH/ 16 Corps. A total of 128 families participated in the event.
    9. Central Lecture on “Use/ Misuse of Computer, Mobile & Cyber Security”. Central lecture on the subject was conducted by 3/11 GR under the aegis of HQ 33 Mtn Bde/ 39 Mtn Div on 21 Oct 16 at Himgiri Auditorium. A total of 114 families attended. The lecture covered the following aspects:-
      1. Cyber Crime.
      2. Computer & mobile network intrusion.
      3. Precautions while using mobile.
      4. Cyber Security.
      5. Health hazards of excessive use of mobiles.
      6. Information about PIO calls.
      7. Password secrecy.
    10. Lecture on 'Child Abuse/Child Safety and Women Empowerment'.A central lecture on the sub was conducted by 26 PUNJAB under the aegis of HQ 33 Mtn Bde/ 39 Mtn Div on 05 Nov 16 at Lakhwinder Hall. A total of 137 families attended. The lecture covered the following aspects:-
      1. Physical Abuse.
      2. Sexual Abuse.
      3. Emotional Abuse.
      4. Human Rights.
      5. Social Enhancement of Women.
      6. Legal and Education Rights.
    11. Lecture on Breast Cancer Awareness. 'World Cancer Day-2017' a health lecture on “Breast and Cancer and Cervical Cancer Awareness” was conducted on 28 Feb 17 for all families of the Palampur and Alihal Military Station at VBA Palampur. Mrs Rita Charandeep, Dy Convenor FWO, 39 Mtn Div was the Chief Guest. The program commenced with a lecture cum interactive session on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer by Lt Col Radhika, DADH, 39 Mtn Div. The lecture covered the following aspects:-
      1. Causes of breast cancer.
      2. Cancer Cervix.
      3. Cancer awareness, treatment & preventions.
    12. Lecture/Cum Presentation.
      1. Stress Management Lecture given by Dr Deepa Kapoor on 14 Nov 16 at Sarvatra Auditorium for families of the Unit.
      2. Families of 51 Med Regt attended a lecture on Brain related problems conducted by RMO, 87 Bde Central MI Room on 06 Oct 2016.
      3. Ladies and Children of 51 Med Regt attended a lecture on febrile convulsions conducted by Capt Naznee Bano and Maj SK Rahamat Ali of 51 Med Regt.
    13. Lecture on Women Health and Stress Management. A lecture on women health covering causes, precautions, remedies and stress management was taken by Capt Sandeep Kumar, RMO for ladies and families in the unit location on 28 Feb 17.
    14. Career Counselling for Parents & Students from 8th to 12th Classes. A presentation & interactive session on career counselling for parents & students from 8th to 12th classes were organized at Palampur (for Palampur & Alihal Mil Stns) & Dharamsala Military Station on 09 Mar & 04 Mar 2017 respectively. The presentation covered the following:-
      1. Planning of career after Class X and above.
      2. Career planning for NDA.
      3. Prospects offered by Army Welfare Education Society.
    15. Class on AIDS. Troops of this unit attended class on AIDS conducted at Central MI Room, 611 (I) AD Bde on 02 Dec 2016.
    16. Lecture on Women Empowerment. Lecture on women empowerment was taken by Mrs Snygdha Bhatnagar during the welfare meet at HQ 611 (I) AD Bde on 11 Jan 2017. The aspects of physical, emotional and financial empowerment for the women were discussed during the lecture.
    17. Lifestyle Diseases Awareness Camp. Lifestyle Diseases Awareness Camp by Command Hospital, Udhampur has started medical checkup of entire families for diagnosing lifestyle diseases of the families. Presentation on lifestyle diseases was conducted at Command Hospital, Udhampur on 14 Jan 2017.
    18. Mobile Library. Mobile library at Command Hospital Udhampur for the welfare of patients admitted in command hospital Udhampur. Mobile library introduced from Jan 2017 onwards.
    19. First Aid Course for Ladies. First Aid Course was initiated for 15 ladies on 14 Feb 2017 at CH (NC) for 02 hrs every day in consultation with Indian Red Cross Society. Instructors and senior faculty from Indian Red Cross Society took classes for the course. The course ended on 23 Feb 2017. First Aid Box was given to the participating ladies along with certificate by Dr (Mrs) Nidhi Naithani, Chairperson Patient Welfare, Command Hospital (NC).
    20. Monthly Tambola for Patients. Monthly Tambola for Patient was held on 27 Feb 2017 at Maj LJ Singh Auditorium, Command Hospital, (NC). Gift like Tiffin, Tiffin Carriers worth Rs 2000/- on behalf of AWWA (NC) were distributed to patients. Entertainment programme done by the patients after the Tambola.
    21. Saathi helpline was opened at Command Hospital Udhampur for counselling of stress and mental disabled persons. Helpline number is 01992-273869 and 9419201678.
    Drona Boys Hostel.
    1. Drona boys Hostel is run under the ageis of Northern Command provide hostel facilities to wards of Veer Naris , ESM , serving JCO’s/OR deployed in CI/CT environment where schooling facilities are not available and to wards of Gujjar/Bakkarwal communities and children hailing from militancy affected area of J&K . The objective of the Hostel is to inculcate a sense of discipline, make them responsible and self sufficient, let them realise the value of education, feel the pride of being an Indian.
    2. CAPACITY. The hostel has a capacity of accommodating 40 children, 20 each from OP – Sadhbhavana and AWWA sponsored Cat. Details are as under :-
      1. OP Sadhbhavana Cat. 20 x children are admitted in Drona Boys Hostel under OP Sadhbhavana cat. These children are primarily be from Gujjar and Bakkarwal community and children hailing from militancy affected area of J&K.
      2. AWWA Sponsored Cat. 20 x Children are admitted in the hostel under AWWA sponsored cat. These children are wards of Veer Naris, Widows, JCO’s /OR serving in CI/CT Ops or in remote areas, where schooling facilities are not available.
      3. Vacancies of one cat , are filled by admitting from other cat after due approval from the patron.
      1. AWWA. Priority of admission is as follows:-
      2. Priority - I. Wards of War Widows/Widows.
      3. Priority - II. Wards of JCOs/ORs serving in remote areas, where schooling facility is not available.
      4. Priority - III. Ex - servicemen.
    4. OP - SADHBHAVANA. The children from Gujjar/Bakkarwal or militancy effected families Parents of children as per para 7 (b) (i) must not be having monthly income more than Rs 2,000/- . However, this amt is reviewed after every 3 yrs. Next review is due in 2018.
    5. EDUCATION FACILITY AND COACHING CLASSES. A close watch is being kept at the children and their performance is monitored in the school. To facilitate their betterment following measures are adopted :-
      1. Counseling by School Counselor.
      2. IC Drona Boys Hostel regularly attends Parents-Teachers meet of schools where children are studying.
      3. Interaction with the Principals on regular basis.
      4. Felicitation of children performing well in academics.
    1. ASHA School Udhampur is located in the campus of Command Hospital (Northern Command) was est on 04 July 1994 as rehabilitation centre for differently abled children. The objective of this school is to prepare these children to face the challenges of the world and lead a life which is as close to normal as possible and also to provide education and pre-vocational training to help them utilise their inherent capabilities towards leading a better quality of life.
    2. Management:- The responsibility to run the school remains with HQ 71 Sub Area. The School has a Managing Committee headed by Regional President AWWA Northern Command. The school is registered with Directorate of Social Welfare Jammu under registration number 01-DSWJ of 24 May 2006 under Act No VI of PWD (Persons With Disability) Act 1998. Children of defence personnel, ex-servicemen and civilians in the age group of 3 to 18 years who are disabled due to Impaired Hearing, Mental and Psychological disorders and Physically Handicapped are given admission.
    3. Curriculum. HH Section is based on syllabus of National Institute for the Hearing Handicap (NIHH). MR Section students are assessed by scales of NIMH (National Institute of Mentally Handicapped) Delhi at admission and at the end of every term. Academic classes of physically challenged children with normal IQ are integrated with regular schools. For hearing handicap, physical handicap and slow learner students state board syllabus is followed. Students are placed in different classes according to their mental age and chronological age as under :-
      1. Pre-primary class I - 03 to 06 years
      2. Pre-primary 2 - 06 to 09 years
      3. Primary - 09 to 12 years
      4. Secondary - 12 to 14 years
      5. Pre-vocational - 14 to 18 years
      6. Care group - All age groups (severe to
      7. Profound children)
      8. Hearing Impaired group - All age groups (3 to 18 years)
      9. Class for slow learners - 03 to 18 years
    4. Facilities. The school has the following facilities available:-
      1. All children are provided with mid-morning refreshments daily consisting of a cup of hot milk with Bournvita/Horlicks/Rooh Afza/biscuits and snacks weekly.
      2. The school has two complete sound proof rooms and audiology aids to provide therapy to the Hearing Impaired children.
      3. A fully functional Physiotherapy department at the school provides Physiotherapy which is one of the most important aspects of re-habilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy.
      4. Under the ‘Vocational training’ part of the curriculum, the children as per their abilities are taught to make candles of different shapes and sizes, newspaper envelopes, carry bags, shagun envelopes, paper plates, and napkins block printing.
      5. Children are also given music therapy by a qualified music teacher.
      6. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for all children as per their age level being done.
      7. Addl facilities/infrastructre
        1. Physical Training
        2. Yoga
        3. Play Ground (Cricket/Tennis/Basketball/Volleyball/ Football etc)
        4. Sensory Park
        5. ZEN garden
        6. Motor skill development park
        7. Pet therapy
        8. Speech/audio trainer
        9. Physiotherapy including Hydrotherapy
        10. Occupational Therapy
        11. Art and Craft and pre-vocational training
        12. Computers
        13. Cooking class
        14. Music and Dance
        15. Free Transport
        16. Free mid day refreshments
        17. Free medical treatment
        18. Mock money transaction training
        19. Teaching of shopping skills
    1. A Total of seven Vocational Training Centres are being run in the Command at the following Locations:
      1. Udhampur.
      2. Leh.
      3. Srinagar.
      4. Nagrota.
      5. Akhnoor.
      6. Palampur.
      7. Alihal.
      8. Dharamshala.
      9. Dalhousie.
    2. NAME OF COURSE:- The following courses are conduct in VTCs:-
      1. Nursery Teacher Training
      2. Computer Courses
      3. Spoken English
    3. Tailoring
    4. Bag Making
    5. Toy Making
    6. Dance Class
    7. Beautician Course
    8. Mehandi
    9. Driving Course
    10. Candle Making Course
    1. ZONAL MEETS. To address the problems of Veer Naris effectively President AWWA, Northern Command has given directions to organize these meets zone wise.
    2. EMPLOYMENTS. Veer Naris is being educated to take up jobs in the private sector. Self employment avenues are also being provided and propagated.
    3. VEER NARIS SAMMELAN. Veer Naris Sammelan is org quarterly under the aegis of HQ 71 Sub Area at Udhampur. On AWWA Day celebration, these ‘Brave Heart Families’ are feliciitated.d) AWWA Day. Udhampur AWWA fraternity celebrated AWWA Day cum Veer Naris meet every year at Dhurva Auditorium. The AWWA day celebrations focused on both the bonding of families & empowering them through an interesting mix of useful activities, lectures and entertainment.
    4. ASSISTANCE TO VEER NARIS. Veer Naris being felicitated every year on different occasions by AWWA fraternity.
  2. FACILITIES IN STATION: - Different facilities are created in station for the benefits of Army’s families. These facilities are very useful to the families as easily availability in station .Following are the facilities:
    1. ATMs
    2. Multiutility park
    3. Vegetable shops
    4. Gym
    5. Beauty parlour
    6. Sakhi sajni shop
    7. Mobile bakery van
    8. Super market
    9. Flower shop
  3. Facilities created in JCOs and ORs Married accommodation at Bikram Enclave
    4. MI ROOM


  1. Vidyamandir Tutorial: During the academic year 2016-2017, Rs 1.5 Lakhs were given by AWWA to APS senior wing students.Wherein, Vidyamandir Tutorial conducted coaching classes for professional courses.15 student qualified in all india entrance test and facilitated.
  2. Udhampur Olympics at APS. School Games Federation of India envisions providing a robust, vibrant and holistic physical education & school sports activity that will engender excellence in school sports sector in India. Federation commits itself to provide quality physical education to promote healthy competition, social and cultural vivacity amongst athletes. 22 Gold Medal, 4 Silver Medal and 20 Bronze Medal won by the students in Udhampur Olympics conducted by JKP and Sports Dept.

5.  Regional President AWWA visited VTC and ASTC on 04 Sep 2018.

6.   Regional President AWWA visited 611 (I) AD Bde Dhar road on 15 Sep 2018.

7.   Regional President AWWA visited 14 Corps (Leh) on 21st Oct 2018 and interacted with all the families.

8.   Regional President AWWA visited APS Junior wing on 25 Oct 2018. She interacted with Teachers and Children.

9.   Regional President inaugurated Motivation Hall in Northern Comd Camp on 01 Nov 2018.

10.  Regional President AWWA visited Comd Hospital on the occasion of Diwali. She visited family ward, children ward and felicitated patients with Diwali gifts.

11.  Regional President AWWA visited ECHS & Veteran Cell on 16 Nov 2018. She reviewed the facilities in ECHS polyclinic.

12.  Regional President AWWA visited JCO’s & OR married accommodation at Bikram, Chibber, Chettri, Albert Ekka, and Kali Mata Enclave and interacted with the families on 22 Nov 2018.

13.  Regional President AWWA visited DAPPS Udhampur on 17 Dec 2018.

14.  Quarterly Stn AWWA meet was organised on 19 Dec 2018, Mrs Kalpana Singh Dhatt Regional President AWWA interacted with families.

15.  On the occasion of Christmas Day Army Commander Lt Gen Ranbir Singh and Mrs Kalpana Singh Dhatt Regional President AWWA invited Asha school students at Taramount (Comd House).


Regional President AWWA