1.    FWO, CME Pune is an organization providing comprehensive support to the Army Wives in the CME Campus and making them competent to take on the challenges of fast paced materialistic modern day life.  It encompasses enhancing the skills of the members, de-stressing their daily lives and thereby contributes effectively to the Army as an organization. All FWO, CME activities are aimed at helping the Army wives evolve into confident and self reliant individuals, thereby providing them with the wherewithal for enhancing the quality of life of their families. During the period of the report, FWO, CME went from strength to strength rendering yeoman service towards the CME community. Ongoing projects were fortified and new initiatives taken to ameliorate the problems being faced by the families.


2.     Aim of FWO, CME is to empower families of serving soldiers by imparting knowledge on education, self leaning, financial security and family needs.

Family Welfare Meeting Conducted During the Month and its Theme.

(a)    Family Welfare Meets.  Mrs Shiney Michael, Chairperson, FWO and Directors interacted with the ladies during family welfare meets being conducted in the month of Jul 18 by faculties / wings to share domestic problems, discuss measures to improve welfare of troops and families and update the environment about the latest activities being planned for enhancing welfare of families. Each welfare meet is organized with a motto and constructive activities are accordingly planned along with interactive sessions. Every welfare meet comes to an end with prize distribution and refreshments. No of lectures and demonstrations on health issues, children education, financial management and self reliance projects were carried out.


(b)    Chairpersons Meets.  Chairpersons Meet was organized at VTC, FWO on 05 Jul 18 to welcome Mrs Sowmya Shyam Prasad, Coordinator FWO and Mrs Hemika Batalvi.

(c)    Chairpersons Meets.  Chairpersons Meet was organized at VTC, FWO on 16 Jul 18 to bid farewell to Mrs Bina Jyoshi, Coordinator FWO.


Course / Workshop conducted During the Month.

(a)    Lady Counselor.     Mrs Sujatha N w/o Maj Rajeevan who is a qualified counselor has been hired as a lady counselor for FWO, CME for counseling to families of CME.


(b)    Yoga Classes.     Yoga classes for ladies and children are being conducted by a professional Yoga Instructor, Mrs Manisha Sachin Pawar. She is a qualified yoga instructor from Shri Krishna Yoga Institute (SKY) Pune.


(c)    Computer Training Class.     Presently 10 ladies / children are undergoing MS-CIT Course run by IT Wing, CME for duration of three months.


(d)    Tailoring Class.     Classes cum coaching in diploma in tailoring is in progress at Vocational Training Center (VTC), CME by professional expert from M/s Usha International Ltd, Mumbai. Presently 15 ladies are undergoing training of basic tailoring and Diploma course.


(e)    Nursery Teachers Training (NTT).    NTT course has been organized with an aim to enhance educational awareness and impart professional qualification to the ladies so that their employability, as a teacher increases. Ladies are undergoing NTT Course for duration of one year under the supervision of qualified teacher from All India Early Childhood Care & Education, New Delhi (AIECCE). Students are provided with training aids and reference books. Presently 13 ladies have enrolled for the said course.


(f)    Umang Physiotherapy Centre.    Physically challenged kids of all ranks are being given physiotherapy treatment inhouse under supervision of physiotherapist. Presently 13 children are undergoing the therapy. Improvement has been noticed in tone improvement, sensation improvement, motor action improvement, spasticity reduction, balance improvement, and gate improvement.  Festivals and birthdays of the children are also celebrated.


(g)    Driving Training School.     Driving Training School is being run to impart basic training to families and dependants of all ranks at nominal rates as compared to civil agencies. Presently eight enthusiasts are undergoing this training.



3.   Task of ARTRAC AWWA is as follows :-

(a)   To spread awareness through:-

(i)   Activities & workshops.

(ii)   Lectures & discussions.

(iii)  Goal oriented drives.

(iv)   Children Education.

(v)   Knowledge of welfare schemes.

(b)   To facilitate empowerment through:-

(i)     Assistance in securing legal rights.

(ii)    Vocational training.

(iii)   Facilitating empowerment / self employment.

(c)   To provide assistance for:-

(i)     Receiving authorised financial assistance and grants.

(ii)    Self reliance through educational and vocational activities.

(iii)   Medical & health Care.

(iv)   Financial Management.

(d)   To engage with the local Community through:-

(i)     Community outreach programmes in Schools/orphanages/hospitals/old age homes.

(e)   To assist Veer Naris for the following:-

(i)     Securing their authorized entitlement.

(ii)    Monitoring their well being.

(iii)    Facilitating employment / self employment.

4.   Local Governing Body

(a)   Ex Officio Members

Regional President AWWA.               

Regional Vice President AWWA.            

Co-ordinator AWWA.

Treasurer AWWA.   

Nominated Members – 03.

(b)   Chairperson : AWWA Institutes

Veer Nari Committee.

Community Outreach Committee.

Vocational Training Centre.                        

Nikhar Beauty Parlor (incl ext counter at Summer Hill).

Chhavi Regtl Shop.       

In-charge Hospitality.


5.     Chhavi Regtl Shop    A gift shop is being run under the aegis of AWWA, ARTRAC to facilitate provisioning of those items which are not included in the inventory of URC. The shop caters to the needs of defence personnel and their families in the station. It includes a variety of handicrafts, dress material, decorative items, kitchenware, ladies purse and high quality leather goods at a reasonable price. Chhavi Regtl Shop has recently been renovated.


6.     Nikhar Beauty Parlour  HQ ARTRAC has 18 JCOs and 172 OR families in stn. ARTRAC AWWA has been undertaking various AWWA projects from time to time for the welfare of the families. Recently at ARTRAC Shimla a Beauty Parlour ‘Nikhar’ has been renovated with state of the art facilities.


7.     Vocational Training Centre (VTC)       The infrastructure of VTC at Shimla has been upgraded so as to provide adequate ‘State of the Art’ facilities to the families which is the KRA of our Regional President ARTRAC, AWWA. Courses conducted at VTC are as under:-

            (i)     Computer Aided Language Learning Course in English Language (six weeks).

            (ii)    Basic Computer Course (two weeks).

            (iii)   Block Printing Course (three weeks).

            (iv)   Sewing and Stitching Course (two weeks).

            (v)    Beauty and Grooming Course (two weeks).

            (vi)   Cooking Course (two weeks).


8.   Responsibility Towards Cat ‘A’ Ests ARTRAC AWWA is responsible for the following:-

(a)   Monitoring of activities.

(b)   Dissemination of information and processing of requirements.

(c)   Issue of advisory on AWWA activities and management of AWWA Institutes with a view to bring in quality improvement and standardization.

(d)   Mediation with Central AWWA.


9.   Contribution of the ladies & children towards AWWA activities has been recognized through AWWA Award of Excellence as under:-

(a)   President AWWA ‘Award of Excellence’.

(b)   Regional President AWWA ‘Award of Excellence’.

(c)   Regional President AWWA ‘Certificate of Appreciation’.


10.   ARTRAC AWWA constantly endeavours to improve the projects and facilities created at ARTRAC as also at Category ‘A’ training establishments in the country. Empowerment of ‘Army Wife’ by launching literacy and awareness drive with regard to health care, legal rights and financial management of the household will continue to be the primary objective of AWWA.

Offg Regional President AWWA