1. Delhi has been a preferred choice station for FAFA by the families because of  abundant opportunities in NCR for educational and professional pursuit by the dependents of all ranks. Moreover, the quality of life being ensured at the FAFA colonies also draws large number of families to the station. Safety, security and welfare of the families is of paramount importance for the committee so that the soldiers serving in difficult areas are not worried for well being of their families. Regular interaction is carried out to ensure a formal support structure  and maintain approachability.
  2. KRA . To achieve happy living with a positive approach.
  3. Focus Area.
    1. Safety and security of families in FAFA.
    2. To improve standard of living  by special repair of accommodation.
    3. Speedy redressal of MES complaints.
    4. Infrastructure development in FAFA colonies.
    5. To maintain clean & green environment in the colonies
  4. FAFA Colonies in Delhi.
    1. Offrs
      • Carriappa Vihar         -     329
      • Pratap Chowk            -     168
      • Manekshaw Marg     -     107
      • Anuj Vihar                   -      60    
    2. JCOs/OR
      • Chitral Line          -   150 (JCOs-50   OR-100)
      • Basantar Line     -   275 (JCOs-51   OR-224)
      • Kabul Line           -    392 (JCOs-70  OR-322)
  5. Initiatives
    1.  Safety and Security.    As safety and security of the families is of paramount concern, the following measures have been instituted:-
      1. The FAFA colonies are manned by security personnel round the clock. Moreover, Army personnel also sanitise the colonies on regular basis.
      2. No unauthorized personnel are permitted to enter the colonies.
      3. Regular patrolling by the QRTs.
    2. Health & Hygiene.
      1. MI Room.  MI Room has been established in FAFA colonies. Lady Doctor has been contracted to visit the MI Room on a daily basis.        NA/BFNA are available for any emergency cases.
      2. Vis to BHDC/AHRR. Army Bus is provided to facilitate move of families to BHDC/AHRR.
      3. Clean Environment. Regular cleaning of the dustbins and surrounding to provide clean living environment.
      4. Yoga Classes. Yoga classes for offr ladies are being conducted at Cariappa Vihar FAFA.
      5. Sanitary Rounds. The SHO team  carries out sanitary rounds in FAFA colonies on a regular basis to monitor the various hygiene and sanitation issues in the colonies.
    3. Swachta Abhiyan. Swachta Abhiyan has been undertaken in FAFA colonies. The residents are also participating whole heartedly along    with efforts put in by the Station HQ.
    4. Green Initiative. The families in FAFA colonies planted saplings in the colonies in accordance with the plantation drive in the Station.
    5. Infrastructure Improvement:-
      1. Sports. Repair of basketball courts and creation of “Five-a-side” football field has been carried out.
      2. Parks. Paintings of swings, slides apart from repair of fence have been carried out.
      3. Dustbins. 85 dustbins have been placed in various colonies and central places to ensure neat and clean surroundings.
      4. Signages. The signages in the colonies have been replaced/ repaired to improve overall get up of the colonies.
      5. Library. Library at Kabul Lines is well subscribed by the residents.
      6. Special Repairs. The older houses in FAFA colonies are being put under Special Repairs in a phased manner to achieve higher satisfaction level. 41 houses have been allotted after special repairs in past six months.
    6. Improvement of Living Standards. Concerted efforts are being made to improve the condition of accommodation. MES maintenance mela in the FAFA colonies is held on a regular basis. The units responsible have dedicated persons for redressal of MES related complaints of the residents.