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Mrs Uma Srivastava is a daughter of a Police Officer of Uttar Pradesh.  She did her schooling from Loreto, Lucknow and Varanasi.  She is a Post Graduate in Zoology and B.Ed from Udai Pratap University, Varanasi.  She has under taken teaching assignments in various Army Schools across the country.  She was the Vice Principal of Army School, Faridkot, Delhi Area Primary School (DAPS-1), Delhi Cantt and Principal of Bison Lavanya School, Secunderabad and Army School, Tenga valley in Arunachal Pradesh.  She was instrumental in improving the facilities and academic performance of the students.  She has more than fifteen years of teaching experience. 

Being an active and socially conscious person, she has consistently devoted her time for various welfare activities undertaken by Army Wives Welfare Association.  An active member of AWWA, Mrs Uma Srivastava has made significant contribution and difference in the lives of families, Veer Naris and children of serving and retired personnel.  During Operation Parakram in 2001-02 when her husband was the CO of a Medium Regiment.  She gave exemplary support to the families to overcome the anxiety due to husband being in conflict zone.  She was also instrumental in establishing a vocational training centre in Talbehat.

Mrs Uma Srivastava was the Zonal President AWWA of 40 Arty Div.  She was responsible for spreading awareness about environment in Ambala Military Station.  She was also the editor of Hindi Section of ‘Avani’ the AWWA Journal for two consecutive years 2015-16.  AWWA Journals published under her editorship were published on theme of ‘Eco friendly Army Life’ in the yr 2015 and ‘Golden Jubilee Edition’ in the yr 2016.  Presently she is the Chairperson of ‘Avani’ AWWA Journal Committee.

 She is blessed with a daughter and son.  The daughter is a software Engineer, married and working in a software firm along with her husband.  The son is working for a renowned software firm in Seattle USA for the last two years.  She is a devoted mother and dedicated Army wife who is looking forward to doing her best for the organisation.   


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