1. Ms Meenakshi Joneja, B.A., B.Ed, has a rich and varied experience teaching in various Army schools of the country. 
  2. Issues like Women Empowerment, stress management, upliftment of needy children and improving the standard of Govt md accn of JCOs/OR have always been close to her heart and it has been her endeavour to address these issues everywhere. 
  3. Where ever she has gone, she has conceptualized and implemented meaningful programmes like Certified Polytechnic Courses and Certified Nursery Teachers Training under aegis of Ministry of Education for families of JCOs/OR, worked to enhance the quality of life of Veer Naris by giving them opportunities for education and vocational training and ensured progressive steps for improving educational environment in Army Schools. 
  4. She enjoys travelling and spiritual reading 
  5. She became chairperson of ‘Pallavi’ on 01 Jan 2016.