Bison Asha School, New Bowenpally, Secunderabad

Brief on the Asha School

Bison Asha School Secunderabad was established on 01 July 2004. It got registered with society of Registration Act-2001 Govt of Andhra Pradesh on 08 November 2004 and was allotted registration Number 1728 of 2004. The centre is functioning in a dedicated building with 264 Sq meter carpet area in J-1 Plassey Line, NewBowenpally, Secunderabad (Telangana State). There are a total of 34specially abled children out which 18(incl 02 x ESM) are wards of Army personnel, 16are civilians ward and 03are children of Below Poverty Line personnel. They are being charged a very nominal fee, however children who belong to Below Poverty Line families are exempted from any charged. In order to meet the expdrconcept of corpus fund was started which entails funding of the school. Various formation under Bison Division, Secunderabad. The contribution towards the Corpus Fund amounts Rs 17,000/- per quarter being contributed by 54 Arty Bde, 76 InfBde, 47 InfBde, 54 InfDiv each fmn. Their contribution accumulates to form a Fixed Deposit by the name of Bison Asha School, Secunderabad. The interest generated quarterly out of this fixed deposit helps us in running the school, This interest caters for the pay & allowances of the staff, creation of infrastructure & regular maintenance.

Facilities with infrastructure available with regards to disabilities addsd / therapies available :-





Free transport & pick-up



Sound Proof Room



Split AC



Hydrotherapy Shed



Hydrotherapy Tank



Dr. Speech



Clevey Key Board



C C Camera



Security Camera



Music Therapy(Instruments)



Sensory Park



Snake n ladder



Rabbits Cage



Vegetable Garden



Waiting Room



House Keeping Skills



Physiotherapy eqpt



Play material



Games of Puzzles



Clevey Key Board (Big mouse, Bigger Keys with different colours).

Data base of Special Educators


Name of Special educator



Mrs A Rama Devi,

Special Educator

(i) Intermediate

(ii) Diploma in Special Education.


Mrs T Prashanthi,

Special Educator

(i) Bridgo Course

(ii) Foundation Course.


Mrs M Anuradha

Special Educator

(i) BA

(ii) DECSE(MR) Manipal, yr 2010

Addl facilities avl for spl children
  1. Special education.
  2. Speech Therapy.
  3. Hydro Therapy.
  4. Music Therapy.
  5. Speech through Dr. Speech.
  6. Pre Vocational Skills.
  7. Behavior Modification.
  8. Counseling to Parents
  9. Home Visits.
  10. 24 Hrs Power Back up
  11. Dental cover by ACDS.
Achievements in various fds (Last five yrs).
  1. Yr 2013 to 2015
    1. Group Activities.
      1. Outdoor Games.
      2. Indoor Games.
    2. Pre-Vocational Training.
      1. Envelop Making.
      2. Flower Making.
      3. Speech Therapy.
      4. Yoga.
      5. Physiotherapy.
    3. Extra-Curricular Activities.
      1.  Dancing.
      2. Indoor & Outdoor Games.
      3. House Keeping skills.
      4. Kitchen Management.
      5. Table Manners.
      6. Music Therapy.
    4. Celebrations of Imp Events.
      1. Children’s Day
      2. Teacher’s Day
      3. Republic Day.
      4. Independence Day.
      5. Christmas.
      6. AWWA Day.