ASHA School (Centre for Differently Abled Children), Bangalore

Brief on the ASHA School

ASHA School (Centre for Differently Abled Children), Bangalore was established under the aegis of HQ K & K Sub Area in October 1993. The school is registered with Karnataka Co-operative societies as per Co-operative Societies Act, Government of Karnataka on 14 Dec 1998. The ASHA School, Bangalore is one amongst the chain of ASHA Schools in the Army. The centre is designed to accommodate about 60 children. Presently the centre has students from all categories of developmental disabilities with subnormal IQ.

Disabilities Addressed

The ASHA School (Centre for Differently Abled Children), Bangalore handles multiple disabilities. In several cases children have more than one disability which makes the task of managing and training of these children even more challenging. The disabilities handled at ASHA School Bangalore include:-

  1. Multiple degrees of mental retardation
  2. Cerebral palsy
  3. Muscular dystrophy
  4. Speech, language and communication disorders
  5. Hearing impairment
  6. Learning disabilities
  7. Down’s syndrome
  8. Autism and pervasive developmental disorders
  9. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)
Educational and Therapeutic Programmes Available

The following therapeutic programmes are provided :-

  1. Language and communication skills\
  2. Gross and fine motor skills
  3. Activities of Daily Life (ADL)
  4. Social skills
  5. Academic skills
  6. Therapeutic services-Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Sensory therapy, Yoga and Music therapy

ASHA School Bangalore is the only School wherein specially-abled children with multiple developmental disabilities are addressed through various intervention stages as per age group based on individual developmental disabilities. The fwg are the intervention groups in the school.

Ser No


Age Group


Early Intervention

Young children who have been recently diagnosed with developmental disabilities


Pre Primary Grade I

4-7 years


Primary Grade II

8-10 years


Academics Grade III

13-18 years


Data base of Special Educators.

Ser No

Name of Special Educator




Mrs Kiran Singh

BA/Diploma in Mental Retardation


Mrs Elizabeth Anil

Bachelor of Physiotherapy


Mrs Munilakshmi

BSc in Psychology, Diploma in Cerebral Palsy


Ms Daisy Naqvi

MA, B Ed, Diploma in Special Educator (Autism)


Mrs Surekha

MA, B Ed, PDP DSDE-MPBOU (Spl education in MR)


Mrs Hemavathi Ashok Balikai

PGFDC in Analytical Chemistry of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics

Online foundation course for education of Disabled


Mrs Mary Sherlina

Pre Degree passed


Mr Dilip R

Bachelor of Arts

Diploma in Animation Certification in Special Education


Mr Lakshmikanth

Diploma in Yoga


Addl facilities available for spl children
  1. Vocational Training To impart skills to older students to render them employable in sheltered, supported or independent employment, and to enable them to become a part of the mainstream community. The Vocational Training skills imparted to the students are as under :-
    1. Candle making
    2. Painting and Card making
    3. Paper bag making
    4. Wrapping paper making
    5. Block painting
    6. Table napkins
    7. Embroidery
    8. Glass painting
    9. Operating Xerox machine
  2. Computer TrainingThe students are trained in operating computers running Microsoft Windows with an emphasis on developing office support skills and Secretarial Practice org by Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore, at ASHA School. The Computer Training skills imparted to the students are as under :-
    1. Computer operating skills
    2. Typing and Data entry skills
    3. MS Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint )
    4. Internet
    5. Job skills
    6. Photoshop designing
  3. Placement services This unique service is provided by ASHA School, Bangalore seizing various opportunities as and when they arise (through good networking of the Principal & Staff with other organizations). A total of seventeen students have been placed for jobs in the given organizations from 2014 till present date.
Achievements in various fds (Last five yrs).
  1. ASHA School, Bangalore has obtained ISO 9001-2008, which substantiates that the procedures being followed by the school, are in consonance with the International Standardization Organization.
  2. Secretarial Practice as part of skill trg wksp under community based Vocational Training Program is conducted at Vocational Training Centre of ASHA School, Bangalore Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for handicapped, Govt. of Karnataka. Children under going the same will be certified by the Govt. agency after successful completion of the training.
  3. Pediatricians, Neurologists, Physiotherapists and Clinical Psychologist from Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore and NIMHANS give their support and services to the students of ASHA Centre on a regular basis. The School enjoys a good network with Spastic Society of Karnataka, Autism Society of India, and various NGOs for seminars/workshops and short time courses. Trainee students from KPAMRC undergoing Diploma in Mental Retardation are posted at ASHA Centre for practical training.
  4. Therapeutic / Trg / Educational Achievements.
    1. Model House.A Model House was est in the yr 2013 at ASHA School, Bangalore to provide Holistic Training to the special needs children of ASHA Centre in “Daily life skills” as part of the school curriculum to empower them to live independently with dignity.

    2. Aqua Therapy pool. Aqua Therapy Pool was est in the yr 2015 at ASHA School, Bangalore for treatment in a specialized, heated Physio therapy pool for providing physiological improvement among children with multiple physiological and neurological disorders.

    3. VTC with Computers and Tablets. Tablet computers have been installed at VTC, ASHA School, Bangalore for training Special Children with multiple disabilities on functional academics and to impart trg to students with low vision, sensory motor problems and multiple disabilities at both basic and advance intervention stages on functional academics.

  5. Placement Achievements.
    1. One x student is placed at Lemon Tree Hotel with pay of Rs 9,500/- (Incl ESI, PF facilities and lunch provided).
    2. One x student is placed as Data Entry Operator and Printer at Printo Pvt Ltd with pay of Rs 7,500/- with PF).
    3. Two x Girls and Three Boys are placed as Data Entry Operators at a
    4. One x senior girl is placed as Customer Services at Katti Zone with pay of Rs 7,500/-.
    5. One x student is placed as Asst Computer Trainer at Army Public School with the pay of Rs 5,000/-.
    6. One x student is placed at AWWA shop, MEG Centre, Bangalore with the pay of Rs 5,000/-.
    7. 05 x students are placed with Just Bake outlet at RSOI, Bangalore with pay of Rs 4,000/-.