Asha School Bikaner

  1. Introduction.Bikaner Military Station has a fair number of special children. To provide succor to the affected soldiers’ families, the RanbankuraArmy Wife’sWelfare Association (AWWA) took the responsibilityofestablishing a school for these specialchildren of service personnelin the station. The school, which was started on 14 Sep 1999, is housed in a building of Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) in the compound of 624 EME Bn. The scope of services has been limited to provide a day school for specialchildren of all age groups. The school was registered on 16 Oct 2000 under the Societies Act Registered No 124/BIKA/2000 & under Sec 52 (2) of PWD (Persons with Disability)Act 1995.
  2. Objectives.
    1. To restore/ resuscitate the disturbed physiological, psychological &physical functions of the disabled children through basic education training, social rehabilitation &independent vocational training in a day-care setting.
    2. To include diagnostic, clinical & home trainingprogrammes for parents to enable them to acquire skills to handle their children&to cope up with their day to day problems.
  3. Clientele & Eligibility. Concerted efforts at all levels have been made to develop the school into a well organised, pioneer organisation for the specialchildren of serving personnel&ex-servicemen at Bikaner Military Station. Children of civilianare also permitted as per directions of Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) (AG’s Branch). No rehabilitation & vocational charges are charged from the widows of defence personnel.
  4. Procedure for Admission.
    1. All cases requiring admissionare based on reference made to the school by pediatrician or psychiatrist or any other concerned specialist. A brief medical history is recorded by the specialist in the appropriate portion of the application form.
    2. Parents of children desirous of admitting their children submit the application form duly completed in all respects to Principal, RanbankuraAsha School Bikaner.
    3. Children of all service personnel&ex-servicemenare provided admission to the school. Children of civilian paid out of defence estimates & other civilianare also considered for admission by the managing committee. However, the managementwill retain its discretion to reject an application for reasons such as hyperactivity, epilepsy, pathology of the child, initial diagnostic evaluation or on any other administrative ground.
  5. Schedule.
    1. The school functions on all working days except on second& fourth Saturday, Sunday& notified holidays.
    2. Summer & winter vacationscoincide with the dates of Army Public School, Bikaner Military Station.
  6. Timings.
    1. Summer Timings (01 April to 31 October). 0900 to 1200Hr.
    2. Winter Timings (01 November to 31 March). 0930 to 1230 Hr.
  7. Scope of Curriculum.
    1. The curriculum is designed to provide basic/ elementary education using methods of special education& provide vocational training in the form of chalk / candle making, tailoring, chair caning,music &dance.
    2. Physicalexercise & yoga also form part of trainingprogramme aimed at attaining better physical&mental health.
    3. Home training programmeis conducted for training the parents of the special children for two days every two months & also before closure of the school for winter &summer vacations.
  8. School Uniform.







    Maroon shorts, red & white check half sleeves shirt, black shoes without laces with Velcro & white socks.

    Maroon skirt, red & white check half sleeves shirt,black shoes without laces with Velcro, white socks & matching white leggings.



    Maroon pants, red & white check full sleeves shirt, maroon pullover & black shoes without laces with Velcro & white socks.

    Maroon skirt, red & white check full sleeves shirt maroon pullover, black shoes without laces with Velcro, white socks& matching white leggings.

  9. In order to maintain a proper record of the child &the progress made, the followingdocumentsare maintained by the school & parents:-
    1. School.
      1. Medical Exam Record.
      2. Assessment Booklet.
      3. Progress Report &Individual Education Programme.
      4. Annual Medical Report.
    2. Parents.
      1. Identity Card of Child.
      2. School Diary.
      3. Disability Certificate.
  10. Exam & Assessment. The curriculum of training has two systems of evaluation, namely, Continuous&Periodic. The Continuous System mandates monitoring of daily progress of the child &weekly/ monthly tests. The Periodic Assessment isheld before closure of the school for the summer vacations.
  11. Organisation Structure. The schoolfunctions under the Management Committee which is assisted by an Executive& Financial Committee:-
    1. Management Committee.
      1. President - Chairperson AWWA,Ranbankura Div.
      2. Vice President - DyChairperson AWWA,Ranbankura Div.
      3. Chairperson - As nominated by Chairperson AWWA,Ranbankura Div.
      4. Honorary Members - CO, 187 MHComdt, Nominated UnitPrincipal,Ranbankura Asha School, Bikaner,AAG, HQ 24 RAPID.
      5. Secretary - 2IC,Nominated Unit.
    2. Executive& Financial Committee.
      1. GOC, 24 RAPID - Chief Patron
      2. Dy GOC, 24 RAPID - Patron
      3. Cdr, 180 ArmdBde - Chairman
      4. Col A, HQ 24 RAPID - Member
      5. AAG, HQ 24 RAPID - Member
      6. Commanding Officer, - Member
      7. Nominated Unit
      8. DADH, 24 RAPID - Member only in Exec Committee
      9. 2IC, Nominated Unit - Secy
  12. Facilities Available in Terms of Eqpuipment&Therapies.

    1. Speech Therapy Room
    2. Physiotherapy.
    3. Vocational Trg.
  13. Qualitative Requirementfor Staff
    1. Principal                    -           Graduate or Post Graduate degree with B. Ed (General), B.Ed in Special Education or Diploma in Special Education.
    2.  Assistant Teacher    -           Graduate or 10+2 with Diploma in Special Education.
    3. Physiotherapist        -           Preferably Diploma Holder with experience of working in special centers/ in dealing with cerebral palsy cases.
    4. Speech Therapist    -           Diploma in Speech Therapy.
    5. Ayah    -     With prior experience of caring for Special Children.
  14. Selection/ Recruitment Criteria.
    1. Candidates are required to produce proof of qualification/ experience at the time of interview.
    2. Executive Committeemakes the selection, with the approval of the Management Committee.
    3. Weightage is given for selection to those who fulfill the following criteria, in the order of preference:-
      1. Ex- servicemen their dependents & widows.
      2. Well motivated persons having understanding of problems peculiar to SpecialChildren.
      3. Possession of good phy&mental health.
      4. SC/ST candidates as per guidelines of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (MOSJE), as & when applicable.
    4. Age.    Not less than 20 yr.
Finance & Accounts
  1. Sources of Income.The followingare dedicated sources of income :-
    1. Standard contribution of Rs 1,20,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Twenty Thousand only) from DivAWWA Fund each year in four installments of Rs 30,000/- each per quarter.
    2. Standard contribution of Rs 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) per year from each Brigade.
    3. Standard contribution of Rs 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) per year from Station Welfare Fund.
    4. Each incoming unit of the Formation contributesRs 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand only) as a one timenon refundable donation to the School.
    5. Each unit of the Formation contributesRs 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only) per year as financialassistance.
    6. Grants from Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) AG’s Branch / MOSJE Grant.
    7. Grants from AWWA.
  2. Utilisation of Funds.The funds of school areutilised mainly for the under mentioned purpose:-
    1. Pay & allowances of staff employed by the School.
    2. Purchase of non-expendables & stores required for smooth functioning of the school.
    3. Recurring monthly expenditure for purpose of sty, trainingstores & petty expenditure for day to day running of the school.
    4. Expenditure on purchase of property & general maintenance.
    5. Gifts/ refreshments for the students.
    6. Miscellaneousexpenditure as & when incurred.
  3. Rehabilitation Charges/ fees as given below are deposited by the parents ineach quarter with the Principal of RanbankuraAsha School, Bikaner:-
    1. Service personnel’s wards (all ranks)      - *Rs 1,600/- per child pm.
    2. Civilian’s & ESM wards                              -  Rs500/- per child pm.
    3. * Authority.   IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No WELFARE/D/1001/May 10/Confdt 26 May 10.
  4. Honorarium of Different Cat of Staff. The current pay & allowances of different category of staff are as under:- 






(In Rs)








SrAsst Teacher





Spl Educator





Spl Educator








Rs 550/- per vis


Asst Teacher





Asst Teacher (Autism)





JrAsst Teacher















House Keeper























  1. Operation of Accounts.Theaccountsare operated jointly by SecretaryRanbankuraAsha School, Bikaner & Commanding Officer ofthe nominated unit. The details are as under:-
    1. Asha School Fund Accounts.This account is in the name of RanbankuraAshaSchool, Bikaner. This isutilised for the expenditure not met by MOSJE Acct & money received from Sources like AGI, CW-5, Central AWWA, Command Welfare Fund, contribution from Formation/local units, facility/user charges, quarterly interest on Fixed Deposits & bank interest
    2. MOSJE Account. This account is in the name of Asha School, Bikaner. This is utilisedfor grant-in-aid as & when received from MOSJE.
  2. Financial Power.    Financial powers for various purchases & expenditure are as under:-
    1. Secretary of School  -   Rs 3,000/
    2. Commanding Officer, Nominated unit     -           Rs15,000/-
    3. Chairman (Cdr, 180 ArmdBde)                  -           Rs30,000/-
    4. Patron (Dy GOC, 24 RAPID)                      -           Rs  50,000/-
    5. Chief Patron (GOC, 24 RAPID)                 -           Above Rs50,00