Asha School, Ambala

Brief on the Asha School

ASHA (AWWA) was est on 12 Jul 95 at Bldg No-2, Old Veterinary Lines, Ambala Cantt as an AWWA welfare proj, with the obj of providing a day care center for the specially abled children of service personnel. The School has grown from strength to strength over the yrs and presently grooms 65 children with a staff of seventeen and an array of teaching aids and physiotherapy eqpt. The vision of school is to provide rehabilitation and trg facilities not only to disabled children of Army and Air Force personnel and ex-servicemen, but also to children of civilians to make them useful and independent members of society. Over the years, there has been steady incr in the number of such students. The curriculum runs based on NIMH activity oriented teaching. Besides edn, the School provides speech therapy, physiotherapy and vocational trg to suit children of differing needs and capabilities.

Facilities Available

  1. The school strives to train the handicapped children and teach them to be self-dependent. The children get an exposure to interact with children from other schools as also toys and allied learning aids that fosters intellectual devp. Equally imp, the parents, particularly the mothers, get some respite from the emotionally taxing job of looking after the children.
  2. The school provides the fwg facilities:-
    1. Elementary Edu.
    2. Speech Therapy.
    3. Occupational Therapy.
    4. Pre-Vocational Trg.
    5. Physiotherapy.
    6. Dance and Music.
    7. Computer Trg.
    8. Riding (Equine Therapy).
    9. Hydro Therapy.
    10. Sensory Park.
    11. Potter’s Wheel.
  3. The fwg apparatus are avail in the school: -
    1. Eqpt for Hearing Impaired.
      1. Group Hearing Aid for 10 Children.
      2. Loop Indn Sys.
      3. Sound proof Room for Speech Therapy
  4. Physiotherapy Eqpt
    1. Navigation Wheel.
    2. Rowing Machine cum Sliding Seat.
    3. Supinator and Pronator.
    4. Grip Exerciser.
    5. Ankle Exerciser.
    6. Cycle Exerciser.
    7. Parallel Bars.
    8. Medicine Ball.
    9. Sponge Ball.
    10. Tricycle (Large & Small).
    11. Rocking Horse.
    12. Finger bd & Step bd.
    13. IMCO Complex Exercise, Tread mill.
    14. Standing bd and Bal bd.
    15. CP Chairs.
    16. Scissor Gait Exercise (Walker).
  5. Sports Facilities. Sports and Games are very essential for devp of special children. The following sports facilities are avail at the school: -
    1. Foot ball
    2. Cricket.
    3. Swings
    4. Jungle Gym.
    5. Skating Rink.
    6. Bocce Ball.
    7. Sand Pit.
    8. Cycling.
    9. Croquette.
    10. Net Ball.
  6. Computers. The school has a Computer Lab for acquainting the students with basics of computers. These are used as trg aids for the children. Spl Dolphin Software and Klevy keyboard with Track Ball Mouse was purchased for added impetus to train special children in cmptrs.
  7. Multimedia Training Facility. The school has a multimedia lab where the children are made to learn with the help of audio and visual aids, which assists in better assimilation
Data base of Special Educators.

Ser No

Name Designation

Edn Qual


Mrs Dimpy Walia - Special Educator (MR)

Graduate, B.Ed in Spl Edn & Foundation course.


Mrs Palwinder Kaur - Special Educator (HI)

BA,Special B.Ed Hearing & Speech and Foundation course Spl Edn.


Mr Nirmal Kumar - Special Educator (HI)


MA, PG Diploma in counseling and behavior modification. B.Ed (Gen), Special B.Ed of Hearing Impaired. Foundation course Special Edn.


Mrs Rajnesh Verma - Special Educator (MR)

MA , B. Ed Foundation course Special Edn, Food Preservation course.



Mrs Renu - Asst Special Educator (MR)

MA, B.Ed Foundation course Special Edn.


Mrs Madhu Rai

Asst Special Educator (MR)

BA (Hons) B.Ed Foundation course Special Edn.


Mr Manoj Kumar - Asst Special Educator(MR)

10+2 Foundation course Spl Edn.


Mrs Kohinoor Begum -



B.Sc, Physiotherapy trg .



Mr Thanga Maran

Vocational Therapist

10th, Accupressure Therapy trg


Mrs. Mamta Sehgal

Music cum Dance Teacher

BA, 1 yr Dance Course.


Addl facilities available for spl children
  1. Edn Classification. The children are divided into various classes depending on their degree of disability, age and powers of understanding. They are divided into five groups as follows:-
    1. Play Therapy. Trg is imparted to the children in a playful manner with the help of toys.This helps children in exercising their senses of touch and vision.
    2. Pre-Primary. Basic academic trg is provided to the children along with skill trg, which help them in day to day life. Trg imparted here prep children for the primary stage.
    3. Primary. This is the second step in academic trg where emphasis is laid on teaching social skills and this stage is a prelude to adv Edn trg.
    4. Edn Gp ‘A’. In this gp proper academic trg is imparted wherein classes are held subject wise and students are actually being prep to take on school exam.
    5. Edn Gp ‘B’. In this gp most adv academic trg is being imparted wherein some students have even appeared for the bd exam under Open School CBSE.
  2. Curriculum.Trg of the children is based on a regular well structured time table catering for indl needs of the children and their IQ levels. The salient aspects incl the fwg :
    1. Sync of mind and body through physical trg, games and vocational training.
    2. Regular and personalized medical care.
    3. Daily Yoga classes.
    4. Regular counseling for parents.
  3. Examinations/ Assessments.
    1. Periodic Assessment. It is conducted on a quarterly and half yearly basis. Final exams are based on indl child’s capabilities as also the acquired skill sets for adaptability to main stream. The obj of this assessment is to instill self confidence and nurture their intrinsic talent.
    2. Continuous Assessment. Based on monitoring daily prog of the child with respect to devp of skills for various routine activities.
  4. Vocational Trg.  The school provides various kinds of vocational trg to its students. The main aim of this trg is to instill self confidence and nurture their intrinsic talent. It also gives them an avenue to be financially independent in the future.
  5.  The array of vocational activities carried out in the school incl:-
    1. Card Making.
    2. Tuck Shop.
    3. Painting
    4. Pickle Making
    5. Stitching.
    6. Cooking Class.
Vis To The School By Dignitaries
  1. Mrs Sukhwant Kaur, Regional President AWWA Western Command visited the school  on Oct 16 wherein she was briefed regarding functioning of school followed by interaction with staff and students.
  2. Maj Gen RS Mann, VSM, VSM COS 2 Corps  and Mrs Jasmine Mann,   Dy Zonal President, Kharga AWWA   visited the school on 09 Nov 16. They were briefed about the functioning of the school and facilities avail. During the course of vis the General Offr accompanied by the lady interacted with the staff and the students.
  3. Lt Gen JS Negi, AVSM,YSM, VSM** GOC, 2 Corps & Mrs       Kusum Negi, Zonal President, Kharga AWWA visited Asha School, Ambala Cantt on  09 Jan 2017. The dignitary were briefed  about the  existing facilities &  routine functioning of the school. Mrs Laxmi Raina, Principal Asha School thereafter took them around the school followed by interaction with the students & the staff.
Cultural/Festival Celebrations.
  1. All staff and students attended a Thematic Assembly at the Army School Junior Wing. Asha School children presented a skit on cleanliness. It was overall a Good interactive session.
  2. For the World Disabled Day Celebrations, regular practice of Sports track events, Games & drill were conducted .All the students participated with full enthusiasms fervor on 3rd Dec 2016.
  3. On 23rd Dec 16, Christmas was celebrated in School. Sweets & Gifts were distributed to the Children.
Trg Events Incl Pre Vocational Trg
  1. On 27 Jul 16, 20 students and 5 staff visited the 107 AD Regt and learnt about the eqpts held with this Regt, that is Anti aircraft guns L/70  and Flycatcher radars
  2. Students of the Pre-vocational gp have been making Paper Bags, Fabric Bags, Candles and Diyas for  Diwali Mela and Tuck Shop
  3. Twenty students along with staff went for a picnic to Fun City Chandigarh on 23rd Feb 2017.
Sports Events
  1. On 26 Feb 2017, Special Olympic Bharat Haryana org a rally by eleven athletes selected to represent the country at Special Winter World Games, Austria from Asha school, Ambala Cantt to the reidence of Mr Anil Vij, Sports and Youth   Minister, Govt of Haryana. Ms Rajpreet Kaur who is a student of Asha School, Ambala Cantt  also participated in the same.
  2. Ms Rajpreet Kaur, student of Asha School  represented India in Floor Hockey  at the World Winter Games Austria  conducted wef13th Mar to 26th Mar 17. She & her team won the Bronze Medal in the Floor Hockey Event
  3. Ms Rajpreet Kaur, winner of WWG Floor Hockey at AUSTRIA was felicitated  by Lt Gen JS Negi, AVSM,YSM, VSM** GOC, 2 Corps & Mrs Kusum Negi, Zonal President, Kharga AWWA on 19th April 2017
Extra Curricular Activities
  1. Asha School, Ambala Cantt org a consultation session for the parents of Special children of Asha School on 02 Mar 2017. Ms Sumithra Prasad, General Secretary, DORAI Foundation, Chennai, during this interactive session educated and motivated parents to take special care of their child and make them self sustained so that they can be accepted by the society.   
  2. On 13 Jul 16, Career fair was org at Gurukul Charan Vatika school wherein Four Staff & sixty eight Students attended. The purpose was to build up the confidence of children, so that they can take decisions regarding their career in future
  3. An Inter School Seminar was conducted in the school wef 17th to 19th Apr 2017.   Principal alongwith one Staff each of Asha School Patiala and Dehradun participated in the same. Varied topics to incl Autism, ADMD, Vocational trg &  Sports were discussed.
New Initiatives.

A No of proj were successfully executed out of funds sanctioned from CWF & Kharga QD funds :-

  1. Acoustic Paneling of Speech Therapy Room and Hydro Therapy Room.
  2. Audio Visual Room .
  3. Envelope Making Machine.